Robert West wants the BNP to pray for the clergy

Watch Robert West encouraging the BNP to pray for English clergymen here.



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4 responses to “Robert West wants the BNP to pray for the clergy

  1. CZ

    1. It’s important to note that Robert West says that he doesn’t say from the pulpit ‘vote BNP’. This means we need to watch out for signals that clergy give that they are BNP supporters.

    2. It’s also important to note that West starts by demonising clergy who don’t support the BNP as ‘not knowing Jesus personally’. He places himself as an Evangelical. This is spiritually dangerous given that this kind of evangelical rhetoric is very attractive to many people.

    3. The call to pray for the clergy is very reminiscent of Stephen Sizer’s tactics of constantly telling his critics that he is praying for them; it is spiritual manipulation. whilst this is obvious to me, you the blogger, and other opponents of the BNP, it won’t be obvious to everybody by any means. So people need to be reminded.

    4. Lastly, given the use of evangelical rhetoric, we need to watch out for any hint of manipulation of Christian Zionism and support for Israel by the BNP. This will be used to discredit Christians who oppose the BNP on various grounds.

  2. Dooley

    Haha great comment CZ!

  3. mj

    It is interesting that in the video where Robert West Speaks that about praying for the BNP openly in church there are some serious mistakes in what he says how ever he seems to get away with in in this crowd because they dont appear to know the format of an anglican/church of england service…

    1. he says that when he arrives the vicar was in robes and in the pulpit – this i s lie number one as the vicar would NOT be in the pulpit on arrival he or she! would process out with the rest of the choir and servers, the only time vicars do go into the pulpit is to preach the sermon… not to do the welcome or introduce the prayers!

    2. he says “woman vicar with insense???” this is also highly unlikely as it would be a server admininistrating insense in church and the only time the vicar whether woman or man would do this would be at certain keypoints during the service otherwise it would be maintained by the service responsible.

    3. Appently after the vicar said about praying in silence… he went to the choir stands!!! not true because the prayers would actually be done before the sermon NOT after….

    4. Most churches also take communion nealing down…

    5. It is a shame to see this dude wearing a dog collar as is exploiting his position big time it appears that he is being used by some supernatural force to talk against the principals of christianity it was weird to watch someone with a dog collar on speaking in this disrespectful manner and showing a clear lack of understanding to the Queen and the order which she has brought about in the church of england!!

    above all this dude is a real plonker and I am sure I met him in a gay club once!

  4. RevRMBWest

    We should pray for people who are in need – that would include not a few Church of England clergy, Bishops, and even Archbishops.

    The current Archbishop of Canterbury is, in human terms, a decent and moral man but would seem to be utterly and hopelessly in the dark when it comes to the knowledge, personal knowledge, of the infinite Son of God, the Lord Jesus Christ. We must be born again and not simply ordained by an outward ordination ceremony. I see no reason for folks criticising me for preaching the truth in a clerical collar, since I have both; and have been duly trained, and ordained, as a presbyter.

    I think that if you have got a definite calling from God, then it does show.

    May we all have that but, even more importantly, we must be born again, without which we will not see, or enter, the kingdom of God; however much we have preached,and however badly or well. Pray for me, that a great and effectual door may be opened for the gospel. And pray for yourselves!

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