Guess who’s running for the BNP in Norwich?

That’s right, Robert West, BNP politician and founder of the Christian Council of Britain. The BNP’s website  [] reports:

revd-west‘Official nominations for the Norwich North by-election were submitted and accepted this afternoon and it is now official: Reverend Robert West will be contesting the seat for the British National Party.

“We will be fighting this by-election on local issues and how they are impacted by the mass immigration invasion of this country,” said Reverend West to BNP News just minutes after the nominations were accepted.

The BNP has not contested the seat before, and Reverend West said the party was taking on the challenge in that light. “We intend to establish the BNP as a name in the area in order to build for future elections,” he said. The by-election will be held on 23 July.

Reverend West is moderator of the Christian Council of Britain and a former Conservative councillor who joined the BNP after it became clear that the Tories were committed to the Islamification of Britain just like the Labour Party.

He stood for the BNP as its number one list candidate in the European elections, polling an impressive 106,319 votes for the party in the East Midlands region. Reverend West is also the BNP’s official spokesman on church matters, and has an impressive record as a lecturer at local colleges.

* Anyone who wants to help the campaign is asked to call party agent Dave Fleming on 077 207 834 81.’

When was the last time we saw the BNP in Norfolk? Back in May, dropping in on church services to criticise the clergy. Clergy in Norfolk have cautioned against voting BNP.

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3 responses to “Guess who’s running for the BNP in Norwich?

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  2. jollygiant

    BNP, wot is wrong with bnp,the scotts have there an so does the welsh,so why are the other parties worried to the extent of calling the bnp facists,was not maggie the milk snatcher not the ultimate facist and is not brown now the same way, political parties are supposed to represent the people who put them in power but for 30 yrs we have been lied to by labour and the torries,now is the time for change to preserve the rights we wonce had that were fought for on many distant shores and many a englishman had lost life an blood so we could be here today to object to the pigs with there noses in the trough of personal greed, i say enough is enough yourve had your chance its time for the british people to unite in the face of the real facists and no matter wot they wish to call us we must take the fight to them so plz youre not racist your proud british just as your fathers were befor you vote bnp on the 23rd and make you vioce heard,PEACE TO ALL.

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