Children of the Revolution

Ben White has argued for non-violent resistance to accompany resistance against Israel, writing:

Popular struggle, like violent resistance, is not an end in and of itself; it is a method, a strategy. It is the end goal, decolonization and liberation from occupation and Zionist apartheid, that is ferociously opposed by the self-declared international guardians of the “peace process” and their friends in the Palestinian elite. The rest is just smoke and mirrors.

Here is an example of what ‘violent resistance’ means for the children of Sderot. Pay attention to what happens at around 1:25:

Here is a recent example of what ‘violent resistance’ means for children in Gaza, who are taught that a mother is a martyr for carrying out a suicide bomb attack which managed to kill four Israeli soldiers:

Ben White lives in Britain, a largely peaceful country, and has also lived in Brazil according to his website. He does not have to bring up children in Gaza or Sderot. He realises this. White has written on his blog:

I certainly find it difficult to imagine a situation , God forbid, where my child has to live unwillingly under a military occupation. A war, or the risk of terrorism? More likely perhaps. And what about my own passion for justice? Does being a father need to dilute this? Is my friend’s suggestion, of seeing parenthood as the “ultimate…world changing endeavour” an exercise in wishful thinking, masking over an inevitable compromise to ’settling down’? Or, could it be true?

Since I could easily enough write a post tomorrow, or next week, when I’ve changed my mind, for now, I’m going to take up my friend’s idea and run with it. Because, after all, political change, be it structural or single issue campaigning, is vital and worthwhile, but we are also perhaps more likely to make a real difference, through our daily interactions with those we know – from those closest to us whom we share a house and our lives with, to those fleeting experiences under a bus shelter or in the workplace – and everything in between. Investing in a life…well, what a privilege, opportunity, and responsibility. In the life of a child? Change in our world will only be possible when we ourselves are changed. So yes, the marches, the writing, the activism continues. But maybe fatherhood is indeed the “ultimate activism”[…]

Fortunately for Ben White, he does not have to raise children in Gaza or Sderot. Perhaps this detachment from the Middle East explains how, from the relative safety of Britain and Brazil, is he able to write freely about Palestinian ‘resistance fighters’ and demonise the Israelis without worrying too much.



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2 responses to “Children of the Revolution

  1. John Smith

    As has been said before – personally I don’t hate Ben White, but I sure as hell understand why some people do…

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