Robin Shepherd on Ben White and ‘apartheid’

Robin Shepherd, Director of International Affairs at the Henry Jackson Society in London, writes:

It is a big day for Ben White. This fanatical opponent of the Jewish state sees his book — “Israeli Apartheid: A Beginners Guide” — given a fanfare launch by the far-Left charity War on Want, and the Guardian has given him a slot to parade his obscene rantings on their website. There’s even a mugshot of him grinning inanely out of the page at us.

The subject of the piece is the International Court of Justice ruling of 2004 which called on Israel to tear down the security barrier which snakes through Jerusalem and, broadly speaking, along the so called “green line” marking the pre-1967 borders between Israel and what we now call the Palestinian territories. The barrier has been extremely effective in preventing waves of suicide bombings from the West Bank. The ICJ’s decision was thus a disgusting ruling which was rightly ignored by Israel and the United States. Alan Dershowitz has reasonably compared the ICJ in its deliberations on Israel to all white courts in the American south of the 1930s’. Israel today, like black people then, cannot get a fair hearing because of the weight of prejudices against it.

Read the rest here.

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