BNP’s “Reverend” West arrives in Norwich

HOPE Not Hate, NORFOLK writes:
The questionable cleric performs for the camera today in Norwich

A rag-tag group of about twenty BNP supporters met Robert West on the site of a derelict and boarded-up pub. A fitting metaphor for the BNP’s dead-end policies of despair.

Three HOPE not hate, Norfolk members were ready to record the event, but as Robert West performed for the HOPE not hate cameras, a stereotypical BNP thug shouted that he was calling the police. Three HOPE not hate supporters armed only with a camera must have seemed a fearsome threat to him for some reason.

The people of Norwich North have been completely neglected by their BNP candidate, the “Reverend” Robert West, so far into this run-up to the by-election 23 July. Robert West has been whiling away time in Wales giving speeches on the Biblical justification of racism.

Whilst other candidates have been meeting the people of Norwich North, discussing issues, problems and solutions, each blogging away, responsive to local concerns, Robert West has been conspicuous by his absence.

These few supporters must be unusually forgiving political party members to have remained so loyal to such an uncommited and unengaged candidate.


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