Greece: Unions caught up in possible scam telethon for Gaza hospital

From Tulip Online:

According to this report from the JTA, “A campaign in Greece to raise money to rebuild a Chrisian Palestinian hospital in Gaza allegedly destroyed by Israel appears to be a scam … The hospital that was the focus of a campaign, which included the participation of Greece’s president and foreign minister, never actually existed.”

The JTA report places unions at the center of the scandal.  The event was organized by the General Confederation of Greek Workers, they report. Reached by JTA, a spokesman for the union said, “Ask the Greek Foreign Ministry and [Foreign Minister] Bakoyianni — they know.”

In addition, “During the telethon, the union of engineers in Greece, known as TEE, announced that it would rebuild the hospital for free. Yet in a phone conversation with JTA, TEE said it participated in the telethon under the impression that if there were a project to build, the union would build it. No ‘Christian hospital’ was mentioned, the union said.”

The report concludes: “One thing is certain: In a six-hour telethon loaded with Israel bashing, the Greek public was deceived that money contributed would go to rebuild a Christian hospital destroyed by the army of the Jewish state.”


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