Giulio Tam leads memorial service for neofascist martyr

Note: some of the links in this article will take you to Google Translate versions of Italian web pages. This page also contains links to a Far Right site (Forza Nuova).

Forza Nuova is roughly speaking the equivalent of the BNP in Italy. As I have previously noted, Forza Nuova has links with the BNP: an alliance which casts doubt on the BNP’s claims to represent a Protestant Britain fighting Catholic Europe, given that Forza Nuova regularly preaches Far Right ultra-traditionalist Catholic theology and politics, and is notorious for violence against Protestants.

Today Milanese newspaper La Repubblica reports that Forza Nuova’s priest Giulio Tam has overseen a memorial service for Gino Lorenzi, seen by neo-fascists as a ‘martyr of partisan brutality’. You can watch Tam preaching (in Italian) here.

According to Forza Nuova, Lorenzi was crucified by Italian Communists in 1945, following the end of the Second World War. La Repubblica claimed that Forza Nuova had organised a commemoration service in order to commemorate the assassination of Lieutenant Gino Lorenzi, crucified and shot by partisans in Mignagola on the 4th May 1945, and two other officers of Mussolini’s Social Republic.

Here are some photos from the event:




However, neither Giulio Tam nor mainstream Milanese newspaper La Reppublica gave any mention of the five people whom Lorenzi had allegedly shot. According to Paci Paciana, two fascist soldiers had crossed the town of Gaiarme, when they came into contact with communist partisans.  One soldier escaped; the other died. In revenge, three soldiers (one of them Lorenzi) were ordered to round up and kill six young people from  Gaiarme. Lorenzi allegedly refused to listen to the town’s priest, who pleaded with him on behalf of the young people of Gaiarme.

Yet whilst Paci Paciana claims those shot were young people from the village seemingly chosen at random, and Bergamo News also reports that Lorenzi’s victims were civilians from Gaiarme, La Repubblica claims that those shot were communist partisans. Whilst it is unclear whether Lorenzi had indeed been crucified, he does not appear to be the martyr whom Forza Nuova have portrayed him as.

Thus Giulio Tam’s memorial service for Lorenzi was interrupted by anti-fascist protesters, who placed seven mannequins (one for each of Lorenzi’s victims) stained with red blood in the parking lot near where the service was taking place. Attached to the mannequins were the names of Lorenzi’s victims. You can see the photographs at the Paci Paciana website.

Here is an example:


Protesters also unfurled a banner from a crane which read “Bergamo è antifascista” [“Bergamo is anti-fascist”], whilst the song Bella Ciao was blasted out at a high volume.


Bella Ciao is a famous traditional anti-fascist Italian song, sang by the partisans:

Of course,watever the truth about Lorenzi’s death, it seems that he was clearly no saint, and Forza Nuova’s ‘commemoration services’ are designed to feed a myth about heroic soldiers of the Italian Social Republic (Nazi Germany’s puppet state in Italy) bravely fighting for Italy and a divine cause (and let’s be clear, neo-fascism  should never be considered a divine cause).

Forza Nuova is currently calling for Lorenzi to be beatified, and concludes its piece on Lorenzi with this:

May our children and children’s children one day, hopefully not far away, call him a blessed martyr in a Black Shirt. It took sixty years to recognize so many blessed martyrs who died in Spain at the hands of murderous Reds! So do not despair, because the reward is His Providence and our Faith!

Closer to home, I reported yesterday that the BNP’s Christian thinktank, the Christian Council of Britain, is claiming that British people are currently experiencing a ‘slavery of the mind’ which is ‘worse’ than the ‘Negro slave trade’.

The attempt to mix Christian theology with Far Right politics is a recipe for disaster, and sensible Christians will surely steer well clear of the likes of the BNP and Forza Nuova, and the toxic theology of their priests Robert West and Giulio Tam.



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