Dieudonne thinks Jews killed Jacko, n’est-ce pas?

The Spittoon has a post up about MpacUK, who are promoting the idea that the death of Michael Jackson was linked to Israel.

MpacUK are not the only ones who suspect foul play, with French comedian-turned-Far Right politician Dieudonne speaking 48 hours after Jackson’s death, accusing ‘a Zionist lobby’ of sucking the life out of Jackson, in a kind of post-modern update of the ‘Jews killed Jesus’ myth.

Is it though? Does Dieudonne really conflate Jews with Zionists? If not then why does he line up with the Far Right, even alienating anti-Zionists?

In his overtly antisemitic political campaigning, Dieudonne has chosen to align himself with Alain Soral, who recently made a visit to Serbia in solidarity with Serbian fascists and genocide deniers (they deny the Srebrenica genocide), citing them as a positive example of Christian nationalism. Soral pushes the line that Kosovo does not exist.

Dieudonne and Soral’s pro-fascist political campaigning is no good for Muslims, Jews or Christians. Perhaps, if they really want to change the world, they should start with the man in the mirror:



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4 responses to “Dieudonne thinks Jews killed Jacko, n’est-ce pas?

  1. Dieudonne said that it’s zionist not the jews.
    it’s not the same thing.

    you write :” In his overtly antisemitic political campaigning,” , his campaign was anti zionist.
    there was also jews who work fro the dieudonne ‘s campaigning.

    jews and zionist aren’t the same thing.

    There’s many jews who are against zionism in france.


  2. seismicshock

    I accept anti-Zionism isnt antisemitism, but Dieudonné’s said some vile things about Jews, thinks the Holocaust is “memorial pornography”, etc etc. He’s allied with the Far Right and genuine pro-Palestinians and anti-Zionists in France want nothing to do with him:

  3. modernityblog

    Dieudonné and others play simple word games, they think by occasionally saying “Zionist” instead of “Jew” that it fools anyone.

    In Eastern Europe 40 years ago, they started an “anti-Zionist” campaign, which targeted Jews and they thought they’d fool people by using words like “rootless cosmopolitan”.

    It didn’t work then and it does not work now.

    Racists commonly use many euphemisms, it is one of their cheap tactics and fairly easy to see thru, so it is with Dieudonné and his allies.

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