Anthony McRoy sermon removed from Cheam Baptist Church website

Last month I blogged about Anthony McRoy’s sermon on Islam at Cheam Baptist Church, in which McRoy preached that Islam is inadequate to Christianity, arguing that the Islamic concept of heaven is sensual. I contrasted this sermon with a paper McRoy gave in Iran, in which he claimed that just as Jesus inspired Christians like William Wilberforce to fight against slavery, so too the Mahdi inspired Hezbollah to commit suicide bombings in their fight against Israelis. Now it appears that Cheam Baptist Church have removed McRoy’s sermon, and his name no longer appears on their sermon page.



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5 responses to “Anthony McRoy sermon removed from Cheam Baptist Church website

  1. CZ

    He also speaks about Lebanese Shia resistance to ‘Israeli aggression’ and ‘occupation’, and Arabs turning to religious ideology after being defeated in 1967. No mention of the fact that the Six Day War was caused by Arabs deliberately manouevering to destroy Israel.
    McRoy clearly has one huge chip on his shoulder about the existence of Israel.

  2. seismicshock

    Which may well have been what drove him to glorify Hezbollah. Well done to Cheam Baptist for removing McRoy’s sermon though.

  3. Dooley

    Hooray, there are evangelicals out there with brains after all!

  4. Aslan

    Very mysterious, be careful Mav he might set the Iranian police on you for blowing his cover!

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