Global antisemitism

Harut Sassounian challenges Western Jewish silence over antisemitism in Turkey at Panorama:

It is simply astonishing that Israeli officials and Jewish leaders worldwide hardly ever react, at least not publicly, to such widespread and vicious anti-Semitic outbursts in Turkey. Why is Rifat Bali resigned to the fact that “the only options left for Turkey’s Jewish community are to either continue living in Turkey amid widespread anti-Semitism or to emigrate?” This is a fundamental question that Jews themselves should answer!

By keeping quiet, Jewish leaders are simply encouraging Turkish commentators to continue making racist and insulting remarks. If Israel’s President Shimon Peres and ADL’s National Director Abraham Foxman were not so busy denying the Armenian Genocide, they would perhaps spend more of their time fighting anti-Semitism!

Meanwhile, Karl Pfeifer has an article at Jungle World about the prevalence of antisemitism in Hungary (link takes you to the Google Translate version of the article, originally in German):

So, for example, speaks Krisztina Morvai, the list of Jobbik leader in Brussels, a steady stream of “our variety,” but also “our race” can mean in the context and also to understand. The lawyer Morvai, lecturer at the University of Budapest, said in June at a critical with an obscene expression, anti-Semitic letter: “I would be very happy if a> Hungarian Jews proud <names in their leisure time with their tiny, cropped tail play would revile me instead. "This statement, which was endorsed by Jobbik, brought the party likely to be several thousand more voters.


The Christian churches remain silent on racist and anti-Semitic agitation, the socialist government dare not take decisive action, the forces committed to the formation of the ethnic community that is weak. And the democratic parties of the EU to look inactive, while in Hungary it is always uncomfortable.

Jonathan Hoffman has an Op-Ed in the Jerusalem Post about antisemitism in Britain:

[London] has become a city where BBC television wanted to give a debate the title “Is Israel a Racist State?” (after representation it added the phrase “…Or a Nation Under Threat?”). It has become a city where a member of Parliament of the governing Labor Party sees nothing amiss in hosting the launch, in a parliamentary building, of a book with the anti-Semitic title Israeli Apartheid. And it has become a city where the Royal Court Theater, having admitted it would be reluctant to show a play critical of Islam, sees nothing wrong with showing Seven Jewish Children, a play with explicit anti-Semitic content that suggests Israeli parents teach their children to hate Arabs.

None of this – repeat, none – is “business as usual.” As I and many other deputies know all too well, Jews in the UK currently face the biggest challenge since our fathers returned from World War II only to find open fascism on the streets. The mystery is why some remain in denial. Israel’s standing among opinion-formers in the UK is very low, and this has dire consequences for the Jewish community: Until the problem is recognized, how can there be a solution?


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