More than words?

Just noticed this.

Christian Aid has been advertising for a Programme Manager in Israel and the Occupied Palestinian Territories.

Listed are the main purposes of the job:

• Be responsible for managing and developing Christian Aid’s Israel & OPT (IOPT) Priority Programme, focusing on rights for all
• Programme development including appropriate policy and advocacy development.
Manage the agreed IOPT Priority Programme and partnerships including all aspects of the project management cycle and be responsible for budgetary and fundraising aspects
• Ensure the IOPT Priority Programme is aligned to Christian Aid’s Strategic Framework and the Middle East RPSP
• Work closely with the Head of Region and other colleagues in the Middle East to ensure a cohesive regional approach
• Co-ordinate across Christian Aid and with external organisations as appropriate

These are the required qualifications:

• Educated to graduate level, or equivalent; qualification in development or management
• Fluency in written and spoken English essential
• Knowledge of global development, including policy and advocacy issues and familiarity
with issues relevant to the region
• Knowledge of project cycle (planning, monitoring and evaluation)

• Arabic language skills

No mention of Hebrew then, the language spoken by Israelis. So although the job offer includes communicating with the media, communicating with Israelis themselves does not appear high up on the agenda. Yet the job listed involves working in Israel as well as Palestinian territories.

What message is Christian Aid sending out to Israelis?



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3 responses to “More than words?

  1. modernityblog

    Reminds me of that recent report

    Why does Christian Aid limit the applicants to just graduates? That’s a bit classist to me!

    I am betting that Christian Aid’s management is >80% graduates? Probably worse than the legal profession?

  2. Glasspole

    What message does this send? The usual one, that “christian” Aid is not Israel-friendly.
    (Somewhat understated)

  3. Oh just gets worse.

    Glasspole, do you ever frequent Premier forum?

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