UCC rejects Israel boycott


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I expressed concerns about the UCC’s proposed boycott here.



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6 responses to “UCC rejects Israel boycott

  1. modernityblog

    Not sure, seems like a fudge to me.

    The latter speaker in that clip suggested that congregation should study the issue and reflect on it but mentioned that they might want to use their economic power?

    I think they are shifting around, letting the UCC leadership out of it. That’s my tentative reading of the situation.

  2. Fran

    Modernity, I’m sure you have a point. But all the same thank God UCC have shied away from this destructive path.

  3. seismicshock

    It did look a bit frosty and awkward, the conversation between the rabbi and the UCC spokesman.

  4. Fran,

    I think it is to be welcomed, but we have to see what actually happens on the ground.

  5. Zkharya

    BTW here is Ben White’s new blog, where the comments are open if, I am sure, screened.

  6. Aslan

    Amazing, the UCU guys has one face for the rabbi and another for the camera! What happened to let your yes be yes and your no be no?

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