Does Sabeel support boycott campaign against Israel?

This is from the Friends of Sabeel UK website’s Questions and Answers section:

Does Sabeel endorse an economic boycott against Israel?

A: Sabeel does not call for an economic boycott of Israel. It calls for morally responsible investment, ultimately leading to divestment from companies that profit from the Occupation, not from all Israeli companies.

And this is from Friends of Sabeel UK’s summer 2009 newletter: 


The great British public is beginning to rouse itself to boycott Israeli

goods, especially those from the illegal settlements in the West Bank.

The most visible are fruit and vegetables, because we all see them on

the supermarket shelves, but there are many more, hiding behind “Made

in Israel” labels, but made in factories or grown on farms in the occupied

West Bank, on land belonging to the Palestinians



You can find out from the Gush Shalom website a very detailed list of settlement products, with a list of settlements, and a reasoned Frequently Asked Questions article, written from the perspective of Israeli Jews who oppose the Occupation.

In this country, Friends of Sabeel UK is represented on the Inter-faith Morally Responsible Investment group by Jan Davies and Tony Graham, who will gladly answer questions, both on investment issues, and boycott. The Boycott Israeli Goods and Jews for Boycotting Israeli Goods campaigns also have a website you can search for information about actions to take: This includes other forms of boycott, such as academic, cultural and sports boycotts

This information will help you to reach a decision about what you want to do. We encourage you to take any personal action you think is right for you, to join in local and national activities, write to supermarkets and companies, and lobby your MPs. We emphasise that any boycott is to last only until the end of the Occupation. It is not aimed against the Israeli people, but against the Occupation


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9 responses to “Does Sabeel support boycott campaign against Israel?

  1. Glasspole

    The German “boycott Jewish businesses” and similar laws were not because they hated Jewish people, but because they hated the Jewish “system”.
    Sabeel’s founder, the heretic Ateek, is not an antiSemite, but can understand why some people are. . . .

  2. Dooley

    And Sabeel may not be an antisemitic organisation, but understands why some people would use the antisemitic image of a blood-soaked orange!

  3. David

    Interesting Halper article on page 16 defending and bestowing sainthood on Rev Stephen Sizer PhD. Jeff Halper, an american born Jewish anti-Zionist Israeli citizen, complains that Christian Zionists are supreme antisemites because they believe that in the End of Days those Jews who do not accept Jesus as Lord will die. However Rev Sizer Phd beleives that when Halper dies he will go to Hell forever because Halper does not believe in Jesus. So according to Halper’s logic Rev Sizer PhD is an antisemite as well!

    Halper tries castigate those who criticise saint sizer PhD, by painting them as either the powerful Jewish lobby or mad end-timer fundamentalists. It seems to be the premier critique of Halper’s saint sizer PhD is the venerable Seismicshock blog, which after reading, does not fit into either of Halper’s categories.

  4. seismicshock

    Thanks David – whilst I’m rather chuffed and flattered to have been featured in an issue of Sabeel’s Cornerstone propaganda rag, don’t they have better things to do than worry about silly anonymous bloggers?

  5. deborah fink

    Sabeel is a nasty anti-Israel organization crucifying the Jews of that country with hateful New Testament imagery. It is on its way out, judging by its loss of a significant court case against a Christian Zionist organization
    inspired by the world-renowned churchman, the Very Rev. Dr. Charles J. Edgbaston.

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