Seismic Shock: one year on

It’s been just over a year of blogging here at Seismic Shock, so just wanted to evaluate and review how this blog’s progressed.

I started blogging under the name ‘Mordechai Ben Emet’ and eventually settled for just ‘Seismic’ to reflect the blog’s name.

My starting-point for blogging was discovering the links between Stephen Sizer and sections of the American Far Right, the anti-Zionist hard Left in the UK and hardcore Islamists in Britain and in the Middle East. You can look back over the early posts in order to see this.

I have also considered the implications of Christian theologians such as Stephen Sizer and Anthony McRoy who chastise Christian Zionists for their apocalyptic theology, whilst praising Mahmoud Ahmadinejad despite his apocalyptic theology.

I’ve also blogged about Ben White, a British journalist who rose to fame recently whilst defaming Israel and praising Christian anti-Zionist theologians such as Sizer and Colin Chapman. In recent months, White has gained notoriety for recommending the work of a Holocaust denier in a polemical book against Israel, banning Zionist Jews from his meetings and facebook groups, and for being alarmed at the arrest of antisemites who plotted to blow up a synagogue in New York.

It was the Seismic Shock blog that first picked up on Ben White’s infamous quote “I do not consider myself an anti-Semite, yet I can also understand why some are”. Seismic Shock also revealed that Garth Hewitt of the Amos Trust originally came up with the idea to re-write Christmas carols with anti-Zionist lyrics, and I also used this blog to challenge worrying examples of antisemitism which found their way into the evangelical press.

My blog has examined the Sabeel network, the anti-Zionists involved in high positions in Sabeel, the Friends of Sabeel North America’s attempts to boycott an Israeli teenage dance troupe, and the Friends of Sabeel UK’s wordplay about boycotting Israel. I’ve also criticised the anti-Zionist Swedish Christian charity Diakonia for its rhetoric and links with the Sabeel movement.

As well as looking at Christians on the anti-Zionist Left, I’ve kept a close eye on Christians pushing fascism and fascist theology, which has coincided with the BNP’s rather unconvincing 2009 turn towards Protestant Christianity, and the rise of the BNP’s vicar-stroke-politician Robert West. I’ve looked at the BNP’s links with Italian neo-fascist Catholic outfit Forza Nuova, who have been known for their intimidation of Italian Protestants. I’ve also taken a look at fascist priests in Italy Giulio Tam and Floriano Abrahamowicz, as well as Hungary’s Far Right political clergyman Lorant Hegedus Jr.

All in all, I’ve been chuffed with the success of the Seismic Shock blog. I’ve had guest posts on Harry’s Place and CIF Watch, and I’ve been linked to by Engage, Modernity, NGO Monitor, Barthsnotes, Efrafan Days, Why Don’t You?, J-News Reader (Hungary) and Warped Mirror.

I have seen arguments and research which I originally posted on Seismic Shock appear in NGO Monitor, The Jerusalem Post, Ynet News, Front Page Mag, Turkish Weekly, Haaretz, The Jewish Chronicle, The Church of England Newspaper, The British Church Newspaper and The Spectator, as well as an allusion to my research in the introduction of Calvin Smith’s book on Christian theology about Israel. I have also written articles about the BNP and Christianity which have been posted on the HOPE Not Hate NORFOLK website.

I’m deeply indebted to regular commenters such as Modernity, Zkharya, Shrewsfan, Angry Anarchist, Bratanchik, Glasspole, Luke Evans, Paul, Dooley and CZ for the ideas and support you’ve given me. Thank you. I’m not sure what’s next for this blog, but I hope to respond to developments.

As many of you are aware, the prime focus of this blog is not on promoting a specific political solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, as there are far more capable commenters on this most complex subject. Instead this blog is focused on the political outworkings of anti-Zionist and antisemitic theology, as well as the misuse of Christianity by fascist thugs. Hopefully one day soon, of course, there will no longer by a need for this blog.



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27 responses to “Seismic Shock: one year on

  1. Aslan

    Seismic, you’ve had a very fruitful year, congrats.

  2. Dooley

    Keep up the good work Seismic!

  3. Glasspole

    Well done, whatever your name is!! This has been an eventful year. You have helped expose (even more then before) the likes of White, Sabeel and other Jew-haters.
    Your service is VERY much appreciated!

  4. seismicshock

    Thanks Glasspole!

  5. modernityblog

    And damn good it has been, Seismic.

    I enjoy your thoughtful posts, but I do have two criticisms 1) You need to enable an Archive widget (makes searching for your posts easier) 2) you must post more often!


  6. Dooley

    HI Seismic,
    I see Sizer is still trying to claim the moral high ground and bully you into silence, pathetic really!!

  7. modernityblog

    “campaign of harassment and intimidation”

    What a poor joke, Sizer might do well to remember that Iranians are being *really* harassed and intimidated by those lovely officials that he sucked up to in Tehran.

    Someone writes something about Sizer and he talks of a “campaign of harassment and intimidation”?

    Perhaps next time Sizer shouldn’t suck up to and excuse anti-Jewish racists.

  8. Dooley

    Mod, what do you mean “suck up to and excuse anti-Jewish racists”, the poor harmless vicar can’t even appear on an Islamist radio station founded by Yusuf al-Qaradawi without being subject to a campaign of intimidation, it’s so unfair!

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  10. seismicshock

    Thanks Mod will do the archive imminently, cheers.

  11. Mordechai Ben Yaccov Hacohen

    One year on, and yet you have not given your name out to you avid readers.

    Shmuck, you have real chutzpah to attack a man in words and via the web, when this man has offered many times to meet with you.

    We could have come to Leeds Uni to meet with you, There is several Rabbis in the area who would have given us court space.

    It wasnt that hard to retrack your eletronic footsteps once i had access to the mails you had sent someone else.

    Give your real name to people, and stop using the Name Mordechai, as a Mordechai, and as a Jew whom believes in Christ, and one who wears Tallis and Tefillin each day apart from Shabbiz and High Holidays, i find you not only small in name, but also in nature, as only a small man would attack and not allow himself to be shown.

    And yes the Name Mordechai does mean Small man.

    you are nothing other than a Ben Zaynim

  12. modernityblog

    One year on and you’ve got your own internet stalker! That’s success for you 🙂

    Anonymity is everyone’s right on the web, whether or not they choose to exercise it !

  13. Mordechai Ben Yaccov Hacohen

    Anonymity, is not the right of those who are slandering someones name,
    This person, who has said that he is jewish should know the Laws of Lashon Hora.

    As for being a stalker, i was hired to find the root of where these emails were coming from, a failed student of The University of Leeds,

    The police have his details,

    All i say is If and i do mean IF YOU ARE JEWISH, have the Chutzpah to give your real name.

  14. Aslan

    Hey Seismic, wasn’t this the dude who was convinced you were Israeli secret service? Who is he going to suggest you are next… Elvis?

  15. Aslan

    Sizer hired you Mordechai… ha ha ha ha ha ha, you get paid for this? what a world we live in!

  16. seismicshock

    hahaha! 🙂 Mordechai, how much are you getting paid?

  17. CZ

    Well done, this blog is pretty much unique in the UK, which is awash in basic ignorance of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and the history of the relationship between Christian traditions and Zionism. It shows how low Britain has sunk, but then again, it always played dirty with the British Mandate!

  18. old Labour

    What a laugh Sizer and his hireling are.

    You can pass ‘details’ to the police until you are blue in the face but they will not be remotely interested in wasting time pursuing non-criminal matters.

    Of course, Sizer could always pursue the civil route, but I very much doubt he would want the shame of his dirty soiled linen aired in public, let alone risk wasting large sums of money on a case he could not win. Seismic has provided very clear evidence of the revolting way ‘christians’ such as Sizer and White are patronising Holocaust deniers.

  19. donas

    I can’t believe the hatred and vile coming from that man — Mordechai Ben Yaccov Hacohen, Who on earth is he? Why does he hate you so much?

    He obiviously does not believe in fair game in the public domain. What I mean is, that those in the public eye, who publish books and articles on any subject, are fair game to scrutiny. It’s not as if he is holding a private opinion, Mr Sizer is writing about it, shouting about it,lecturing on it, and can be quoted verbatim. Anyone who takes on that responsibility and says he is right and they are wrong – are fair game, and we have a right to examine their views and associations. That is not slander but proper procedure in a democracy. Is this man a friend to Mr Sizer? Does he agree with his views? Why does old labour call him “his hireling”?

    Anyway, forgetting that. Great year and fine investigative journalism. Congrats. Keep it up.

  20. Aslan

    “Mordechai Ben Yaccov Hacohen, Who on earth is he? Why does he hate you so much?”
    Good question donas, I wonder who he really is as well. It does sound like a made-up name doesn’t it! I know many Cohen’s but no Hacohen’s. I doubt very much this is his real name, at least with Seismic we know it is a blogger name, that is far more honest.

    old Labour calls him a “hireling” because he just admited in comment 13 to being hired to find out who Seismic is!

  21. seismicshock

    Thanks Donas & Old Labour! Is Rev Sizer really spending his own money on this? It would be far wiser just to nuance his theology a little (or alternatively train-up Mordechai a bit better). He already has done so, and I’ve noted this. For instance, he’s no longer making trips to Iran to teach Christian anti-Zionism, but is instead standing up for Christians in Iran. Good on him. I think Rev Sizer would have a very bright future if he made similar changes to the way he relates to Israel, as well as Iran. But if Rev Sizer teaches that God himself is hostile with the modern state of Israel for existing, then he can’t expect everyone to agree with him.

  22. seismicshock

    Anyone with info on Mordechai Cohen, do get in touch. Who is he?

  23. seismicshock

    Cheers – thanks to Aslan all who’ve helped out – I’ve now heard a rumour that he was found in Sizer’s church graveyard!

  24. efrafandays

    ==> You can pass ‘details’ to the police until you are blue in the face but they will not be remotely interested in wasting time pursuing non-criminal matters.


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