Birthday present!

Following on from my one year on birthday post, it’s great to see Stephen Sizer basically admit that he’s still an avid reader. You couldn’t ask for more!



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4 responses to “Birthday present!

  1. Dooley

    A great honour!

  2. Aslan

    Unbelieveable, he has the audaciousness to say he upholds free speech and debate whilst making not so vielded threats of police action at Seismic in order to gag Seismic’s challenges, which he has yet to satisfactorily answer. This vicar just doesn’t shock me anymore, he is part of the establishment and is using the establishment’s police as his personal thought police.

  3. donas

    I thought it funny and sad. You quote him and he does not like it, but it is his words in context…up close and personal I guess. The vielded threats are a very British bullying technique, in polite terms, and stupid too. Is he that fearful of your blog? You must be saying something he does not like………..I wonder what????

    Anyway, congradulations on one year of informative investigative reporting. You’ve done well. Thank you.

  4. elven prince

    He is just wound up that he cannot maintain his fake identity as a harmless nice vicar anymore and has to reveal his true identity to the world!

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