After seven weeks without publishing a piece directly about Israel, Ben White has a new article about Israel entitled ‘Peace propaganda and the Israeli consensus’.

Ben opines:

The Israeli consensus then – even before the bartering and bickering over the freeze and unauthorised ‘outposts’ – is rejectionist: no Palestinian state on the ’67 borders, with the most important, strategic land of the West Bank confiscated on the grounds that the colonisation process is too advanced to be reversed. As this becomes increasingly difficult to conceal, it is to be expected that Israel will resort to such distractions as demanding Palestinian recognition of its ‘right to exist’ as a Jewish state.

He informs us that his piece was first published on PULSE, but for some reason doesn’t provide a link.

Well, here’s a link to his piece on PULSE Media.

While you’re there, why not check out some other PULSE Media articles?

Indeed this website is an appropriate place to host Ben White articles.



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5 responses to “Consensus

  1. old Labour

    What a cesspit of anti-semitism. I see that in their Friday article on Ahmedinejad they completely ignore his Holocaust Denial.

    For some reason Israel-bashing always attracts the worst kind of nutcases.

  2. For some reason? How about the distinct air of anti-semitism that floats around Israel-bashing? (Criticism of Israel – no; but bashing, yes)

  3. modernityblog

    yuck, following that “Who Profits from the Holocaust?” link and here’s the guff that the author, Jonathan Cook puts out:


    Selling anti-Semitism, Al-Ahram Weekly, 10-16 Oct 2002

    The new anti-Semitism?, EI, 3 June 2003

    Lessons of history, Al-Ahram Weekly, 27 Nov-3 Dec 2003

    Israeli banks profit from Holocaust, Al-Jazeera online, 7 Dec 2004

    Israel’s Holocaust victims are bilked by their own, Daily Star, Dec 17 2004

    From the New ‘Anti-Semitism’ to Nuclear Holocaust, Counterpunch, 23 Sep 2006

    Israel’s Plan for a Military Strike on Iran, Counterpunch, 12 Oct 2006

    Israel’s Jewish Problem in Tehran, Counterpunch, 3 August 2007

    The Meaning of Gaza’s ‘Shoah’, Counterpunch, 8 March 2008

    Israeli Firms Accused of Profiting Off Holocaust, Counterpunch, 25 June 2009

  4. zkharya

    “it is to be expected that Israel will resort to such distractions as demanding Palestinian recognition of its ‘right to exist’ as a Jewish state.”

    Easy to do when Ben White offers the distraction of seeking to dissolve the Jewish state.

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