Two pieces from CIF Watch

Read this one and then this one.



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3 responses to “Two pieces from CIF Watch

  1. old Labour

    I just don’t get White. His father is such a nice chap (evangelical C of E vicar in St Alkmund’s, Derby).

    He joins CICCU, visits the Bethlehem Bible College a couple of times, and suddenly becomes a raving Israel-hater and apologist for anti-semitism. He then goes on mission to Brazil, gets a local girl pregnant, and decides to settle there while making a living recycling internet articles on his Israel-hatred from the opposite side of the world.

    Is this how one makes a career in journalism today? If so it is a terrible indictment of the profession.

  2. Christian Brody

    This piece of dog-shit writes about a subject that he has no idea about.He is consumed with hatred for Jews and Israeli’s.If he wrote about Islam the same nasty lies that he writes about the Jews and Israel,the peaceful palestinians would slit his throat,with a few Allah Hu-Akbar’s thrown in.

  3. zkharya

    It’s how BW chose to interpret his sense of Christian mission. Which is fine. His mistake is his thinking doing justice to Palestinian Christians and Muslims is assuming that there is none fundamentally to Zionism, i.e. Jewish nationalism or Jews as a national group. The Palestinian Muslim and Christian national movement/cause is fundamentally just, the Zionist-Jewish fundamentally unjust. The former fundamentally anti-racist/universal, the latter fundamentally racist, particular and exclucivist.

    You can see how the evangelical absolutism of the gospel story-message, the good and evil, black and white, has transferred from one field to the other. He isn’t sufficiently sophisticated, and his Eng. lit. degree mayn’t have helped, to address the issues in an historical manner which does justice to both parties. He simply recapitulates the story of good versus evil into his history/story telling.

    A lot of people distant from their religious roots do that too. But it reveals how deep religious themes and metaphors run in our culture and society. But pandering to it is the essence of demagoguery.

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