Ahmadinejad’s birthright?

Prominent Christian anti-Zionist theologian and weapon of the Khomeinist Revolution Stephen Sizer reacts to news that the world’s most notorious anti-Semite may well be a Jew.

Wondering “Will Mahmoud Ahmadinejad Make Aliyah to Israel?” he argues that Mahmoud’s Ahmadinejad’s Jewishness is ‘clearly an inconvenient truth if Ahmadinejad were to exercise his ‘right’ as a Jew to make Aliyah and emigrate to Israel.’

But what what would happen if Ahmadinejad did exercise that right?

Let’s find out:



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7 responses to “Ahmadinejad’s birthright?

  1. Aslan

    There are many Jews living in Israel who are themselves anti-Zionist, such as the ultra-orthodox Neuteri Karta, Rev. Sizer’s fellow anti-zionist traveller Jeff Halper and many more. Israel’s democracy manages to cope with so many that pray and work for the destruction of the country they are citizens of, if Ahmedinihad went it would not be anything new! Rev. Sizer just seems to maliciously gloat over anything negative that may come Israel’s way.

  2. James Mendelsohn

    Now then, dare we trust CiF for once eh Mod?!?

  3. modernityblog

    touche 🙂

  4. donas

    Very funny.

    Glad we can still laugh.

  5. If the numerous 19th Century caricature of “the Jew” are any indication of what a typical Jew may look like, Ahmadinejad clearly qualifies!
    Ahmadinejad behaves in a manner consistent with many, who throughout history, tried to hide their [inconvenient] “Jewishness” by acting as if they were anti-Semites.
    Does Ahmadinejad have Jewish roots? His looks suggest that he, and his behavior supports such notion!

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