If the Bible took place in Europe with the BNP power…

…It might pan out like this.

Which is why, among other reasons, vicars and preachers should be unequivocal in their condemnation of the BNP.


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6 responses to “If the Bible took place in Europe with the BNP power…

  1. I must admit Edmund absolutely nailed this one, I’ve shared his post amongst the Christian world.

  2. modernityblog

    Very funny.

  3. CZ

    Very good. It’s worth considering how German historical criticism of the Bible was often determined to deny the historical reality of events in the Bible concerning Jews. The mainline Lutheran and other churches embraced historical criticism with great enthusiasm, and hid behind the historic creeds of the churches to pretend that they were orthodox Christians.
    In fact the result of this was the Nazification of the Lutheran churches in Germany after 1933.

  4. I agree CZ and it is a blatant misinterpretation of the Bible, which can be tracked back to Luther himself (sadly) in that particular Protestant line.

  5. CZ

    It’s also worth realising that since the 1960s, denial that Jesus even existed has increased in Britain (surveys of religious belief show this).
    I suspect there’s a link somewhere between that and denial of the history of Israel and Jews. It’s there in parts of the New Age movement (if you can call it a movement) – G. R. S. Mead’s work for example on ancient religions. Esotericism was always an esoteric undercurrent in the Lutheran church, the high Anglican church, the Roman Catholic and Orthodox churches – extreme versions of it saying that Moses was in fact the god Hermes, or Moses was really an Egyptian so Judaism is really the monotheism of pharaoh Akhenaten. This kind of nonsense has always thrived when people have wanted to turn away from the idea of God making commands and prohibitions and of being the God who elected Israel. It’s not a coincidence that only the Reformed churches rejected Hermeticism and esotericism, and it was from them that Christian Zionism developed.

  6. What an excellent comment CZ. I had never even considered the link between the denial of Jesus and the denial of the history of Israel and Jews.

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