The British National Party does not speak for British Christians, says Evangelical Alliance

From the Evangelical Alliance:

 The British National Party are not the defenders of genuine Christianity, the Evangelical Alliance has said ahead of Nick Griffin’s appearance on BBC Question Time. The appearance of the British National Party’s leader, Nick Griffin on BBC Question Time offers a further opportunity to emphatically reject any claims that they are the defenders of Christianity.

The BBC invited Nick Griffin to participate following the election of two BNP candidates to the European Parliament in June 2009. To maintain its political neutrality, the BBC decided that it could not ignore the BNP’s presence in the British political sphere.

Speaking ahead of Nick Griffin’s appearance on BBC’s Question Time, Steve Clifford, General Director of the Evangelical Alliance said: “We unequivocally condemn any attempt to use the Christian faith to promote racist nationalist policies and expect the BNP’s policies to be exposed for what they are on Thursday’s Question Time.” The British National Party have regularly attempted to promote themselves as the only party standing up for Christian values. The Evangelical Alliance totally rejects any such claim.



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7 responses to “The British National Party does not speak for British Christians, says Evangelical Alliance

  1. Dooley

    Good for the EA

  2. Aslan

    A timely statement, but where is one from the grouping that allowed the BNP “Rev” West to preach in one of it affiliated churches? Should imagine they should be the ones to make a statement first?

  3. Seismic, is there a way to contact you by email?

  4. modernityblog


    I hope you’ll be covering Shlomo Sand’s work and the wider implications of it, shortly?

    Cheers 😉

  5. seismicshock

    Sure thing, been a bit quiet recently. Hope you’re well Mod!

  6. modernityblog

    Not bad thanks, a bit slow at the moment, so my blogging reflects that but I’m OK, I’ve had my flu jabs 🙂

  7. G.Curtis

    The Evangelical Alliance does not speak for all Christians.

    An Open letter to Christians
    This letter is intended for all those Christians who are unhappy with current
    trends in Britain, and those who are concerned about the future of our Christian
    Lord Carey, former Archbishop of Canterbury, also concerned about our Christian
    heritage, has recently said:
    “I think we need a tougher church. We Christians are very often so soft that we
    allow other people to walk over us and we are not as tough in what we want, in
    expressing our beliefs, because we do not want to upset other people.
    “We have got to be more outspoken.”
    It is difficult for Christians to be outspoken in Britain today, mainly because
    we do not have a loud enough voice, and because our political leaders do not
    wish to hear what we have to say.
    After giving this matter much prayer, and much thought, I have realised that
    there is a way that we can make our voices heard.
    If, in the coming election, we all voted for the political party that is most
    feared and hated by the ungodly, then our voices will be heard, loudly and
    I have come to the conclusion that we really should be more outspoken as Lord
    Carey suggested, and we can do that by declaring our intention to vote for the
    British National Party.
    This would, to use a worldly expression, ‘put the cat amongst the pigeons’. Our
    political leaders would sit up and take notice, and no mistake.
    For those Christians who are fair minded enough to check, the BNP policy
    statement can be found on . You will learn that they are not
    racist, nor are they fascist, they are ordinary, mostly elderly, people.
    The BNP have been much demonised by the press and the ungodly politicians who
    currently enjoy power and privilege, but my own investigations reveal that they
    are strongly supportive of Christianity. Christians would have nothing to lose
    and everything to gain by actually voting for them. The BNP will protect
    Christianity, and keep the wolves at bay, securing our Christian heritage for
    the future.
    I have done as Lord Carey suggested, I have been outspoken.
    Those readers who agree are cordially invited to copy this and pass it on to

    God bless,

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