Disgraceful antisemitism outside Bloomsbury Baptist Church

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13 responses to “Disgraceful antisemitism outside Bloomsbury Baptist Church

  1. Gev

    Is this guy ‘John Sulivan’ the BNP rep at the Blooming Baptist? He won’t accept a Happy Christmas from Jews who don’t live “the British way of life” “You should be English like I am”. Shocking but sadly not unexpected!

  2. modernityblog

    nah I’ll bet ‘John Sulivan’ is a regular PSC supporter!

  3. Gev

    ‘John Sullivan’only has anti-zionist pet Jews as his friends who are English enough to hate “evil” and “cruel” “Zionist Jews” like he does. I hope he gets arrested for such racists hate-speech.

  4. Glasspole

    What a nice man “John Sullivan” is!
    And what a shame that the bloke from the “Church” didn’t know anything about the Hamas!
    I wonder if they’ll be mentioning at their “Carol Service” that Yeshua was born and died as “the King of the Jews”?
    What an unpleasant “Church”. They really should be ashamed to have had such filth in their building

  5. Glasspole

    The Church Elder is none other than Dr John Benyon, who was Principal at King’s College London. He’s the Church Secretary. Such an intelligent man, and yet unaware that the Hamas are terrorists! Or that the PSC fund them!
    I’m glad he’s not involved with any Church I know!
    But why does it not surprise me that there are Evangelical Christian people who actively support these bastards?
    The Bloomsnury Baptist web-site makes it clear that they actively support the scumbags!
    Come to Bloomsbury Baptist or St Paul’s Covent Garden, and hear how much love there is the Christian Community for dirty Jews, who should all “f*ck off back to Israel!”

  6. Dooley

    What a shmuck

  7. Glasspole

    And, apparently, the Church won’t be swayed in its thinking by people writing letters or otherwise making their views know to the leaders, according to their “Pastor”.
    This truly is a “Church” to avoid for Jewish people, anyone who loves (or even likes) Jewish poeple, or those who recoginise the rights of the State of Israel.
    Sad, as one of the Pastoral Team was on Facylty at Bristol Baptist College when I was a student at Trinity.

  8. Gev

    It is even worse, Rev Simon Perry has put this weak defence of why they not only booked out their facility to this hate-fest of Israel, but they also ideologically supported it: http://simonperry.webeden.co.uk/#/latest/4537342624

  9. modernityblog

    Having read it I’m left with the impression that Rev. Perry is rather smug and insular, as he wrote:

    “And yet I have been sent no end of complex stories, endless pointers to various websites and youtube clips, proud assurances of my critics’ credentials. I am afraid that I have no time read all these links to the opinions of worthy people.”

    which brings us to the video of one of Rev. Perry’s parishioners, ‘John Sullivan’ and just how much they share in views?

    I suppose Rev. Perry won’t address that issue?

  10. Glasspole

    Dr Perry claims that “John Sullivan” is not a member of Bloomsbury Baptist Church. However, Perry himself has shown himself to be an antisemitic twat just by defending the PSC

  11. ooloo kipper

    Do not be surprised at the arrogance of a pastor who 10yrs ago rubbished the disclosure of domestic abuse from one of his parishoners. He has learnt nothing of humility in all that time. Narcissists seldom do – everything is based on power and control, and Simon Perry likes plenty of that.

  12. Rachel Olyott

    The “Reverend” Simon Perry inhabits a world where he, and he alone is right, and woe betide anyone who dares to challenge his views. I and many others have experienced his vicious and unrelenting punishment.

    As his ex- wife I have been subjected to his bullying and abuse for over four years. Rev Perry considers that the marriage break up was not his fault and so feels justified in treating me as nothing less than an animal. Despite my pleading with the church to rein him in, they have chosen to shield him. The fact is that after years of being ignored and used, and then what I consider to have been a sexual assault, I found someone else. I will never regret that.

    He has deprived me of my children, my freedom, my health and financially. He is a deceitful and selfish twat, and yet the Baptist church has chosen to ignore this. Do not be surprised then by these events.

  13. Lenny

    Mr Perry is a manipulative and deceitful man and the Baptist church chooses to ignore it. It is well known that he has a lover (a very young continental girl, who attended his church at the time he started to date her – she was 22 yrs old and he was 38!), and again, the church chooses to ignore it. Shame on you, Mr Reverend – and shame on you, Bloomsbury Baptist.
    And repeating the words of his ex-wife above, ‘do not be surprised by these events’. No moral standards whatsoever.

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