Shiraz Socialist weighs in on Sizer

From Shiraz Socialist:

I’m not going to delve through the works of the Rev Stephen Sizer in order to pronounce on his anti-Semitism, but going by his behaviour towards Seismic and his threatening letter to an Australian blogger he is an authoritarian little shit with crappy ideas of what political debate is and one to give his religion a bad name.

Rev Sizer would have been bad enough if he had got lawyers to write letters to Seismic and his service provider in order to shut him up.  Getting the police involved and then using them as a threat to shut up other bloggers about his political activities is how a cowardly louse behaves, and it’s outrageous that the police didn’t tell him that that wasn’t their job to harass bloggers.

Seismic seems unsure of his rights in this case. It is evident that this government has extended the powers of the police, the police are taking advantage of it, and getting into the mindset where they poke around blogs for speech and writing crimes.  Using the anti-terrorism laws, they have been stopping and searching photographers for taking photographs.   Photographers held a mass demonstration against this yesterday.


The political history of this country is of the government extending its powers, the people pushing back.  A mass repetition of Seismic’s story on all blogs would be one small shove


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