Stephen Sizer: “various police authorities” monitor Seismic Shock

From Stephen Sizer in September 2009:

It is heartening to know that the various police authorities who have monitored his writings over the past year, do not share his assessment. Having now identified the author as a recent graduate of Leeds University, the authorities there confiscated his computer and have retrieved all his deleted files. Evidence of breaches to university internet regulations and the misuse of university computer equipment are clear and has, I believe, been passed on to the police.

I forgot about this, as I read it months ago but ignored it, as I thought it was untrue.

All of sudden this blog post has come back to my mind, and now I’m not so sure.


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8 responses to “Stephen Sizer: “various police authorities” monitor Seismic Shock

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  2. I’m unclear, Seismic… did you have a personal work-station at Leeds? If not, and your home computer was not confiscated, this sounds like false witness.

    Seriously, get legal advice and pursue the Police.

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  4. old Labour

    ‘Police authorities’ should not be monitoring people’s email or web accounts, nor should they be questioning civilians without reasonable belief that a crime has occurred. In this instance, you had a right to know what criminal offence you were being questioned for, without which you were within your rights to send the officers away. Of course, if it was just an ‘informal chat’, then it indicates they had no business wasting time on this matter in the first place.

    Second, the Data Protection act only creates an exception to the prohibition of the release of data if a crime is suspected.

    Both the police and university appear to have been at fault here, and you may have grounds for action against them. I would be very happy to put you in touch with lawyers (who would gladly help pro bono) if you would like. You may even have a claim for harassment against Sizer and Surrey Police (if they have intimidated you on more than one occasion).

  5. seismicshock

    Thanks Alex & OldLabour – you’ve given me things to think about & consider.

  6. Friendly Observer

    In the USA, Sizer would be considered to have commited several illegal acts. Misuse of the police process is illegal. Interference in Seismic Shock’s employment may constitute tortious interference. And civil liberties organisations would offer pro bono civil action against Sizer for these acts, on Seismic’s behalf.

    Also, to locate Seismic, multiple privacy laws would have been breached (without court warrant) by Sizer, by any agent of Sizer’s investigating on his behalf, by the blog platform, and by the organisation (telecom or uni) linking an IP to an individual.

    Finally, if Sizer is doing all this on his employer’s time using employer resources, the employer might also be liable. In other words, in the USA, Seismic might have multiple causes for action (violation of Federal civil rights laws, of state privacy laws, false complaint, etc) against Sizer, his employer/church, the police, the uni, the blog platform, and the telecom.

    It is worth investigating whether analogues exist in the UK. Does Seismic have similar causes for action there?

  7. Friendly Observer

    In other words, IMO Seismic should inquire with several attorneys to find one capable and wiling to sink his legal insizers into Sizer.

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