What is acceptable to blog?

From Edmund Standing:

And while Seismic receives harassment for his work, filth like this remains online:

The police need to sort out their priorities.

From Dolphinarium:

Quite understandably on the Harry’s Place comms box Seismic Shock described himself as “a bit intimidated” by the whole affair, as well he might have been. What, are we in Canada, or something? Unless Seismic Shock had made a direct threat on Sizer’s life – which he didn’t, obviously – there’s absolutely no reason to get the plod involved. As Francis Sedgemore put it: “Libel is a matter for civil and not criminal law and it is a gross misuse of police resources to have officers intervene as they have in the case of Seismic Shock”
If you’re reading this and thinking to yourself that you’d like to tell Sizer’s bishop that you’re concerned that his behaviour is unseemly in a man of the cloth, then the contact details for the Bishop, Suffragan Bishop and Archdeacon of Surrey as well as their personal assistants’ are all here.

From Simply Jews:

You may not believe (or want to believe) it, but the state in question is not China, Burma, Cuba or any other of the long list of places where blogging is a risky business. It is United Kingdom – the motherland of modern democracy and freedom of speech. The blogger in question goes under a moniker Seismic Shock and the cleric with the awesome powers to deploy the British police at will is Stephen Sizer, “the vicar or pastor of Christ Church, the international community church of Virginia Water”.


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  1. Dr Howard Fredrics

    This is not the first or only incident of its kind. I was charged with and convicted of harassment against a British knight, Sir George “Peter” Scott for having allegedly posted a website containing information that exposed proven wrongdoing by Kingston University and some of its staff members. Part of what was exposed was the incidence of anti-Semitism in the University, including its association with an individual who was hired by the University to investigate me, a Jewish staff member, but who it turns out, is the Chair of the Governors of Iqra School, which was found to be a front for the anti-Semitic extremist group, Hizb ut Tahrir. In my case, although the police investigated and found no evidence of harassment on the website, the CPS continued with the prosecution and the Court found me guilty as charged, while denying me the opportunity to be represented in Court. For further info on this case see: http://www.sirpeterscott.com and http://www.timeshighereducation.co.uk/story.asp?storycode=409869

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