BREAKING: West Yorkshire Police make a statement

From Index on Censorship:

UPDATE: This just in: “A West Yorkshire Police spokesman said: “As a result of a report of harassment, which was referred to us by Surrey Police, two officers from West Yorkshire Police visited the author of the blog concerned. The feelings of the complainant were relayed to the author who voluntarily removed the blog. No formal action was taken.”

This begs a question; was any attempt made in the investigation to establish whether any material posted on Seismic Shock could conceivably be construed as harassment? And was any consideration given to free expression and critical debate?



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6 responses to “BREAKING: West Yorkshire Police make a statement

  1. efrafandays

    Fan, excrement…

  2. Glasspole

    My address will be visited shortly, I suspect.
    We are ALL Seismic Shock!
    I hate antisemitism; I have no time for anti-Zionists.
    There, I’ve said it! Have me harrassed by Mr Plod too!

  3. Soovey

    Haven’t these police people got enough to do?

    Is Sizer such a tender weed that he’s worried about what might be printed about him (and truthfully too) on any blog or is he fearful that his overblown image might be tarnished?

    SeismicShock could back up everything he wrote and all of it was based in fact and in Sizer’s activities and speeches and writings, so how can reminding people of the sort of person Sizer is possibly be construed as harassment?

    Sizer should be charged with wasting police time and the police officers concerned should be disciplined for allowing themselves to be manipulated by such a one.

    SeismicShock I am 100% with you. Have you made a complaint against the police officers concerned for their harassment of you?

  4. SilverTrees

    Good for you SeismicShock.

    “The feelings of the complainant..” eh?

    Poor ickle diddums Sizer got his feelings hurt then?

  5. Dad has just come home in a terrible rage. He says he didn’t move to Yorkshire if the Police were going to go about explaining themselves to Jews.

    When he’s not looking, I’m going to go out and stay with a friend.

  6. It’s a case of “deference to authority”. Mr. Sizer represents authority, so naturally people defer to him. Authority claims misdeeds on the part of the people, so the people must be chided by agents of authority for their alleged misdeeds. Don’t like people complaining about the weeds on your lawn, get the constabulary to lean on the complainers, instead of applying weed remover.

    When you’re important some people assume you’re right.

    And a message for Mr. Sizer; you don’t like being called on your anti-Semitism, stop being an anti-Semite.

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