Little Green Footballs on Stephen Sizer

Here – however I have never accused Sizer of “Holocaust denial activities”!



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3 responses to “Little Green Footballs on Stephen Sizer

  1. Aslan

    Some blogs are overstating things, in all my reading of this blog Seismic has never accused Sizer of Holocause denial, just that he has happily shared platforms at conferences with them and other assorted nasties!

  2. efrafandays

    Perhaps Seismic could get in touch with the Webmaster to request clarification… there are too many comments to make oneself heard.

  3. modernityblog

    Yes Aslan,

    People need to get the facts straight, I have included a copy of Seismic’s original post on my blog.

    My bet is that the Far Right stole Sizer’s work, it is a common occurrence amongst such people, but Sizer’s seeming unwillingness to engage with the issue and distance himself from these Holocaust deniers are the worrying points.

    Plus his first name terms with the well known anti-Jewish racist, Israel Shamir needs addressing too.


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