“Campaign of harassment putting lives at risk”: why did the police take Stephen Sizer seriously?

Oh this is unbelievable.

Mike Moore of Mike’s Musings discloses an email exchange with Rev Stephen Sizer following a theological dispute:

In conclusion, Stephen, I’m very disappointed and dismayed that you chose to critique my review in this manner. I do not understand your almost pathological aversion to Israel nor your willingness to embrace anyone, however extreme and however anti-Christian, who shares your negative opinion of the only democracy in the Middle East.

After we met in Guilford earlier in the year, I shared with some interested friends that I thought you had become more reasonable. After reading your blog, I find myself regretting my naivety.

Stephen Sizer’s response was as follows:

Dear Mike,

I did not accuse you of being a holocaust denier. Come on now… I have not knowingly changed my views since we last spoke. I do believe the Nakba and ethnic cleansing of over 500 villages listed in my pre-1948 Time Atlas and UN documents leading to over 5million displaced Palestinian refugees registered with the UN today is historical fact.

By the way – I am working closely with the police and Leeds university authorities identifying those associated with Seismic Shock and his/her campaign of harassment that is now putting lives at risk.

If Zionists are going to insist on the right of return for Jewish people worldwide then I equally identify with those who insist on the right of Palestinians to return to their homes or receive compensation.

I simply believe the Zionist cause is not served by rubbishing the integrity or credibility of academic research through this kind of book review.

I hope you have a good Summer.



How were my blog posts putting lives at risk?

Did Rev Sizer claim this to the police?

If the policeman had related to me what specifically was unacceptable content on my blog then at least I would understand. Instead, he told me that Rev Sizer and Anthony McRoy “object to being associated with terrorists and Holocaust deniers.”

Who else may make object to such things?

Anyone or just the powerful establishment?

I’m not sure which would be worse.



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9 responses to ““Campaign of harassment putting lives at risk”: why did the police take Stephen Sizer seriously?

  1. modernityblog

    Extraordinary, it honestly makes you wonder if Rev. Sizer has a grasp of reality?

    “his/her campaign of harassment that is now putting lives at risk.”

    I have heard some hyperbole in my time, but that takes the biscuit.

    Didn’t Rev. Sizer remember the old saying:

    “Sticks and stones may break my bones, but names will never hurt me”

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  3. Max

    Dear Sir,

    There are two types of people in this world, followers of the Lord Jesus Christ and those who denigh his divinity. Jews as do Muslims, Atheists, Buddhists, Hindus denigh the divinity of Jesus Christ and as a consequence are lost souls marching toward eternal seperation with the Fathe. No doubt, all proudly flying their banners as they go, the Star of David included.

    Does this statement make me an Anti-Zionist and anti-semite? If so then all of christendom are anti-zionist anti-semite.

    I would suggest that for a man who challenges the Rev Sizer to restrict his tactics to the debating forum and not go to the Police as you do. You have to acknowledge that Sizers participation in conferences and debates in arenas that you find so abhorent and criticise him for and because of his participation align him with terrorists are legitimate platofrms for his views.

    It would seem you are a little hypocritical.

  4. Dooley

    Max, what do you think of Sizer circulating material by Holocaust deniers and 9/11 conspiracy theorists? Do you think it is legitimate for a C of E vicar to do that?

    • Max

      Church of England Vicar? The Arch-Bishop of Canterbury the most senior of CofE vicars recently gave his support for Sharia Courts in the UK. Just because hes a vicar doesn’t mean he doesn’t do stupid things, in fact it probably ensures he will do stupid things. he has the right to participate in what ever conference he chooses. In fact I applaud him for going where most christians wouldn’t dare to tread.

      911 Conspiracy theorists? The verdict isn’t in on that unfortunate episode of history. And as for Holocuast deniers, 6 million Jews, an undeniable episode of history. One that causes me to be even more surprised when jews respond by being equally as cruel to the Palestinians, in effect creating a Ghetto in Gaza that equals that of Warsaw. You never hear of Jews speaking up for the millions of Christians that are persecuted globally? Why not. 6 million Jews died in WWII, 26 million russians killed, mostly orthodox christians. Isn’t it peculiar that we rarely hear about that?

      The hysteria of Anti-semitism is a tactic that is fueled by Israel and its supporters such as the ADL to keep their voice on the global stage.

  5. “If Zionists are going to insist on the right of return for Jewish people worldwide then I equally identify with those who insist on the right of Palestinians to return to their homes or receive compensation.”

    It’s never a good sign when people resort to the “fake equivalence” tactic.

  6. seismicshock

    ” As I understand it, Anthony McRoy is forced to go and talk to people like Hezbollah, because he is a scholar of Islam. To do so, he has to pay lip service to irrelevant things that matter to them. They wouldn’t let him through the door otherwise. I believe that he’s doing a good job of showing that some of what Moslems say in the West is not what they say at home, for instance. This means field-trips. That means flattering some of the despots.”

    Who forced him?

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