Head of King’s Divinity School: “We are all Seismic Shock now”

Calvin Smith writes:

[…] these two attempts at censorship quickly came to light and caused outrage across the blogosphere. I am rather convinced Sizer couldn’t have miscalculated more had he tried (signing off with the word “Blessings”, which was picked up by nearly blogger, certainly do him any favours). Any attempt at silencing critics or limiting free speech is red to a bull as far as bloggers (and in fact most people) are concerned. To do so once might be perceived as a foolish error, but twice is downright carelessness.

The result has been a story which has spread from blog to blog (it has appeared on literally dozens upon dozens of sites), quickly working its way up through the larger blogs with substantial readerships, and thence propelling upwards to nationwide mainstream media websites such as the Spectator, the BBC, and the Jewish Chronicle (and I suspect it won’t end there). Even West Yorkshire Police issued a terse statement when pressed for more detail. Worse for Sizer and McRoy, it is highly significant that the critics of their actions come from Christians and non-Christians alike, as well as commentators and blogs on both the political left and right, all united in anger at this effort to censor a critic. Alluding to the end of the film Spartacus, one blogger has even taken up the motto, “I’m Seismic Shock” which has electrified the blogging community and been taken up with great gusto. (I’m waiting for the inevitable Youtube clip, with Kirk Douglas stepping forward to say, “I’m Seismic Shock”, with his friends stepping forward to do likewise.) Worse for both complainants, they appear to have achieved the complete opposite of what they intended, and I am beginning to feel rather sorry for these chaps because I rather think they’re going to face more criticism than ever, with bolshy bloggers everywhere out to test the very boundaries of free speech.



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3 responses to “Head of King’s Divinity School: “We are all Seismic Shock now”

  1. yonason

    Heard about you guys over at IsraelMatzav. Good work, and Hatzlachah!

  2. Anon

    Forgive the holier-than-thou nature of this comment, but as a Christian, do you really think this negative, aggressive and provocatory way of criticising people is honouring to God?

    (Ignore Sizer, McRoy, everyone else you may disagree with for now. They have to answer for their own behaviour. Is how you have behaved the right way for a Christian to act?)

  3. Aslan

    You posting this on everysingle comment thread anon? Exposing error in the name of God is the foundation of Protestantism.

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