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“An attempt to silence a student blogger who accused a vicar of associating with Holocaust deniers has backfired spectacularly […] The story begins last year. It is 10am on 29 November – a Sunday morning – and Joseph Weissman, asleep in bed, receives a knock on the door from two West Yorkshire police officers. Weissman, a 23-year-old graduate student at Leeds University, runs a blog, Seismic Shock, which he says seeks to expose anti-Jewish religious attitudes. It gets about 50 hits a day […]”

Read Paul Lewis at the Guardian.



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9 responses to “Publish and be linked to

  1. zkharya

    The BBC seem to have pulled the comments thread on the Cellan article.

  2. seismicshock

    Posted your comment as a post – at 15:11

  3. modernityblog

    so much for public debate eh?

  4. modernityblog


    You sock it to them!

    They don’t like theology thrown back at them and you are damn good on this topic

  5. SB

    Thanks for the info on Sizer. I wouldn’t have heard about him had he not tried to co-opt the police in his disgusting vendetta.

  6. amie

    Joseph, have you read Silverstein’s blog on this matter. Do you have any comments about the allegations he makes?

  7. seismicshock

    All I can say is Silverstein wasn’t so upset when I was “cyber-bullying” the Israeli Far Right as Yeze:

  8. Aslan

    This seems to be Sizer’s response, very Simpsons-esque “will somebody think of the children”.

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