Richard Silverstein: He loves me, He loves me not

Richard Silverstein from November 2009:

Jack Teitel’s legal defense team presents some interesting characters from the extreme settler movement. According to the Rosh Pina Project (full disclosure: this is a site affiliated with Messianic Jews) [that’s me!], Teitel is being represented by Ami Kedar, who is linked to Honenu. This group encourages IDF soldiers to defy military orders in enforcing discipline against settlers, including during the Gaza evacuation. It defends IDF soldiers accused or convicted of crimes against Palestinian civilians. It also raises funds for wonderful specimens of humanity like Rabin assassin, Yigal Amir:

Who or what is Honenu?

It is an Israeli legal group which campaigns for the release of Jewish murderers from Israeli jails when Arab murderers are released. They are headed up by Shmuel Meidad, known in right-wing circles as ‘Zangi.’ Meidad has previously spent time in prison, as has Ariel Groner, responsible for handling prisoner affairs in Honenu, who was arrested in 2006 and spent three months under house arrest. Groner was recently arrested after he was noticed handing out leaflets inciting violence against homosexuals, as was Teitel.

Richard Silverstein today:

Many of you will know that like here there’s a pro-Israel “idiot wind” blowing in England represented by the likes of Melanie Phillips and slightly more sophisticated types like Harry’s Place and Engage. Some of these have attacked me before. It appears that a Leeds University grad student named Joseph Wiseman created an anonymous blog (at one time he used the self-serving pseudonym, Mordechai Ben Emet), Seismic Shock, whose main purpose was dragging Sizer through the mud. Among other things it accused him of “supporting terrorist activity against Israel,” “whitewashing terrorism,” and “associating with some very nasty terrorists and Holocaust deniers.” It also inferred that he embraced “antisemitic [sic] theology and was a “fascist thug.” The primary rhetorical technique seems to be to associate Sizer with those who may truly be anti-Israel or anti-Semitic or pro-jihadi, or pro-Ayatollah, or Holocaust deniers. Once you establish a mere one or two degrees of separation, Sizer is as good as tarred and feathered. You know how it goes: David Duke republishes Sizer’s article–ergo, Stephen Sizer is…well you get the drift. It’s a sophisticated, but sleazy job by an articulate pro-Israel hasbarist. So naturally it rankled Sizer, especially the round the clock abuse published in Wiseman’s blog.

So if that’s really the case, then why would Richard Silverstein quote a ‘pro-Israel hasbarist’ on his blog?

He is ignoring the issues: we see here how a false accusation of belonging to the Zionist lobby is designed to deflect legitimate criticism of the anti-Zionist extremes.


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14 responses to “Richard Silverstein: He loves me, He loves me not

  1. Sliverstein – whose blog should be renamed Tikun Onan – described the murder of a non-Zionist Rabbi and his wife at a primarily Jewish religious centre as “not necessarily anti-Semitic”.

  2. David

    Who knows what Silverstein will do next – he can be very unpredictable.

    Perhaps he’ll write a piece advising Jack Teitel to call the police on you for harassing him.

  3. Aslan

    “Round the clock abuse” I don’t remember hardly anything about Sizer for over six months on this blog till all this blew up.

  4. Here Sliverstein can be seen exploiting the shootings at the United States Holocaust Museum:

  5. amie

    What’s the facebook thing all about, then?

  6. seismicshock

    Sizer’s complaint of harassment was about the contents of my blogspot, not me advertising it on facebook.

    However if there are accusations of cyber-bullying, then I am extremely concerned about the abuse I received from Mordechai haCohen – a man endorsed by Sizer:

    Mordechai writes:

    “One year on, and yet you have not given your name out to you avid readers.

    Shmuck, you have real chutzpah to attack a man in words and via the web, when this man has offered many times to meet with you.

    We could have come to Leeds Uni to meet with you, There is several Rabbis in the area who would have given us court space.

    It wasnt that hard to retrack your eletronic footsteps once i had access to the mails you had sent someone else.

    Give your real name to people, and stop using the Name Mordechai, as a Mordechai, and as a Jew whom believes in Christ, and one who wears Tallis and Tefillin each day apart from Shabbiz and High Holidays, i find you not only small in name, but also in nature, as only a small man would attack and not allow himself to be shown.

    And yes the Name Mordechai does mean Small man.

    you are nothing other than a Ben Zaynim

    It turns out Mordechai haCohen was “hired” to stalk me – by Sizer, apparently:
    Anonymity, is not the right of those who are slandering someones name,
    This person, who has said that he is jewish should know the Laws of Lashon Hora.

    As for being a stalker, i was hired to find the root of where these emails were coming from, a failed student of The University of Leeds,

    The police have his details,

    All i say is If and i do mean IF YOU ARE JEWISH, have the Chutzpah to give your real name.”

    He even set up a blog about me to harass and intimidate me, as you can see here:

    Mordechai- The Little Man in Hebrew,

    Did you think by moving web page that we would not find you,

    You have comitted Lashon Hora against a Holy and Upright man,

    You have stated that this man in Anti-semetic, well i find that rather confusing, as i am a jew, a messianic jew at that, if this man was against my people, would he have one working in his church, being a part of the church family, i think not,

    I think as the name you are using, you are a little man, i have offered to be w ith you at the Bet Din in Finchley Roadm London so you may air your views against the Dr Rev Sizer, but you refuse, you still continue to committ Lashon Hora, well this is my blog for you and all others who are following you slander and diatribe against a Very Holy man,

    I feel harassed and intimidated, and would be justified in calling the police and reporting harassment according to Rev Sizer’s logic, would I not?

  7. amie

    I feel harassed and intimidated, and would be justified in calling the police and reporting harassment according to Rev Sizer’s logic, would I not?

    Abso-bloody- lutely, seismickshock.

    This gets worse and worse.

  8. amie

    That Mordechai says he is a frum Jew. The dragon tattoo on his arm must date from before his frum period, then.

    • efrafandays

      Do Gaol Ratzon’s wives not have tattoos of him on their faces?

      I don’t understand… how can it be considered a duty to have “chutzpah”?

  9. amie

    Do Gaol Ratzon’s wives not have tattoos of him on their faces? Apparently the do have tattoos of the Harem Messiah on their faces. In that case, Moredechai the “Messianic believer” ought to have a tattoo of Yeshua, not of a dragon.

  10. I feel sick to my stomach reading this, it does get worse and worse Amie.

  11. modernityblog

    You might hope that Americans, above all would understand Freedom of Speech and how it works, but I have just read Silvestein’s contribution, what a nasty, vindictive post.

    Factually inaccurate, sloppy and partisan to the last.

    Anyone else, with an ounce of sense, would have understood that legitimate criticism on a blog should not involve the Police, if there is no criminal intent, action or activity.

    When Richard reads this I wonder if he could answer:

    How does your attitude to Seismic Shock’s plight square with your view of the Bush Patriot act?

    Personally, Richard, I hope that no Policeman ever knock on your door, because you write critical articles on your blog.

  12. When one dies, Hashem asks him “did you do everything you could to stop Richard Silverstein?” If the answer is yes-olam ha-ba. If not, you are forced to start another blog until the mission is accomplished!

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