Israeli military man claims Stephen Sizer hired him to harass me & set up blog about me; calls me “Son of Penises” in Hebrew

Following accusations of cyber-bullying against myself, I am concerned about the abuse I received from Mordechai haCohen – a man endorsed by Sizer (, who wrote about haCohen in November 2008.

Meet Mordechai ‘Motkhe’ Cohen, a Messianic believer who has recently joined Christ Church family and is teaching me some Hebrew. Motkhe is not to be confused with another Mordechai who is not so impressed with me.

Mordechai writes on my blog in September 2009:

“One year on, and yet you have not given your name out to you avid readers. Shmuck, you have real chutzpah to attack a man in words and via the web, when this man has offered many times to meet with you.

We could have come to Leeds Uni to meet with you, There is several Rabbis in the area who would have given us court space.

It wasnt that hard to retrack your eletronic footsteps once i had access to the mails you had sent someone else.

Give your real name to people, and stop using the Name Mordechai, as a Mordechai, and as a Jew whom believes in Christ, and one who wears Tallis and Tefillin each day apart from Shabbiz and High Holidays, i find you not only small in name, but also in nature, as only a small man would attack and not allow himself to be shown.

And yes the Name Mordechai does mean Small man.

you are nothing other than a Ben Zaynim“ [son of penises]

It turns out Mordechai haCohen works for Stephen Sizer:

Anonymity, is not the right of those who are slandering someones name, This person, who has said that he is jewish should know the Laws of Lashon Hora. As for being a stalker, i was hired to find the root of where these emails were coming from, a failed student of The University of Leeds, The police have his details, All i say is If and i do mean IF YOU ARE JEWISH, have the Chutzpah to give your real name.”

He even set up a blog about me to harass and intimidate me (in which he claims to be a ‘Reb’ and an ex-military man), as you can see here:

Mordechai- The Little Man in Hebrew,

Did you think by moving web page that we would not find you,

You have comitted Lashon Hora against a Holy and Upright man,

You have stated that this man in Anti-semetic, well i find that rather confusing, as i am a jew, a messianic jew at that, if this man was against my people, would he have one working in his church, being a part of the church family, i think not,

I think as the name you are using, you are a little man, i have offered to be w ith you at the Bet Din in Finchley Roadm London so you may air your views against the Dr Rev Sizer, but you refuse, you still continue to committ Lashon Hora, well this is my blog for you and all others who are following you slander and diatribe against a Very Holy man,

Yes i would rather sit down with terroists and talk about a way forward in Yisrayl, rather than having mothers sons killed, havin funerals, and more tension in our home lands, Yes i would sit down with Hamas, and yes i would sit with Iran and talk with them about a peacefull solution other than going to war.

I have seen war and it is not a nice place to be, i am a former military man, and war is not the way forward, but talking and praying only then may we make progress to solving the hatred and death that surrounds the Middle east, But with your comments, you are just trying to stir up hatred for a man who trys to calm things down,

A man who would rather use the bible than a Galil rifle.

You have my email address

And remember wehat i said to you, remove the plank from your own eye before you remove the speck from your brothers


Reb Mordechai ben Reb Yaccov Hacohen

I feel harassed and intimidated, and would be justified in calling the police and reporting harassment according to Rev Sizer’s logic, would I not?

According to Mordechai haCohen, Stephen Sizer paid someone to set up a blog about me specifically, who went on to insult me as a “Ben Zaynim” (son of penises?) in Rev Sizer’s pay.

Should I call the cops too?


Aslan comments:



Seems like Motke really is quite a troubled and sad character and Sizer has quite unethically used him for his purposes(Messianic Jew on Messianic Jew!) He is a British citizen and ex-Marine that was also according to his claim, in the IDF, his wife was tragically killed in a road accident and he understandably has not coped well, he chose the road and became homless.

See last para of page 4 in this ex-Marines newsletter:




Homeless Royal
From Tony Davie:
I write to let you know about the welfare of former PO3437N Marine Mordechai Cohen. It was reported
to me as the welfare officer of the Basingstoke Branch of the RMA that Mordechai was living rough in
the churchyard at Virginia Water, Surrey. As I am also a SSAFA caseworker I arranged for him to be
visited by a representative in the area. His is a very sad story as apparently he was riding his motorcycle
through Kingston-upon-Thames, Surrey when he was involved in a road traffic accident. His wife,
the pillion passenger, was killed. He was pensioned form the Corps severely disabled and took to the
road and has been living rough ever since. He does not want any help and refuses to be housed. He has
told me that he will be leaving the area shortly and will be making for Exeter, on foot. If anyone does
come across him please could you extend the hand of friendship and let me know.

How bizarre, and how sad.


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50 responses to “Israeli military man claims Stephen Sizer hired him to harass me & set up blog about me; calls me “Son of Penises” in Hebrew

  1. Mordechai haCohen doesn’t know it, but he is simply a pawn in Sizer’s political games…

  2. efrafandays

    I would call him an ervah, but that’s a beautiful and interesting object.

  3. Fascinating. I thought I sometimes got in heated blog discussions. This one is over the top. Forget about ethics of dialogue, this guy is violent in speech and liable as Yeshua says in Matthew 5.

    Derek Leman

  4. Reverend Sizer’s just come round in a terrible state. He’s saying that the Jews are out to get him. Dad’s called him a wimp and thrown him out the house.

    Dad does like the sound of this Mordechai. He says he sounds useful, but he wants to buy some flea powder before he lets him into the house.

  5. seismicshock

    Thanks Derek, very fair comment.

  6. zkharya

    This is a pretty clear case of harassment, and the connection to Sizer should be investigated.

    Also, Joe, I’m sorry to say this, but that comment from the BBC thread is full of spelling and other errors. It’s ok for a comment. Not really up to standard for a post. Would you mind taking it down until I emend it? ‘sorry.


  7. zkharya

    Have you sent this link to that BBC reporter? You ought to. You don’t have a minister’s clout with the local police.

  8. Anonymous

    Can I ask why you chose to highlight that this man is an ex-IDF soldier instead of, say, an Israeli?

    • zkharya

      That’s easily answered: because HaCohen is stressing his military background in contrast to Joe’s lack of it.

      How come you missed something so obvious?

      • Anon

        I disagree, he seems to stress his military background with the express intention of saying that violence is not the way to solve things:

        ‘i am a former military man, and war is not the way forward, but talking and praying’

        I see that the title of this has been changed, but the only reason I can see for mentioning it in the first place was to ‘sex-up’ the allegations being made.

  9. seismicshock

    Sure thing Zak cheers mate.

  10. zkharya

    This guy doesn’t sound too stable, a bit like Mordechai Vanunu, actually, who also converted to Anglicanism. Sizer calls him a Messianic Jew, but he clearly hasn’t joined a Messianic Jewish community. Which is fine. Just odd for someone who wants to be part of the community of Israel of the Jews, rather than the Israel of the church.

    ‘i have offered to be w ith you at the Bet Din in Finchley Road’

    What does this mean?

    Actually, it sounds a little like Sizer is exploiting this man’s instability against you, Joe. Like a bit of unstable Israeli Jewish muscle, frankly.

  11. Matthew

    Sizer is just digging himself in deeper and deeper, it’s what Modernity Blog calls the ‘Barbara Streisand’ effect ……..

  12. donas

    Never heard of this man. Is he from Israel, native?

    Lots of bravado and very macho beefcake stuff in these comments, it’s like, – Come on, fight me in male mode, are you sure your a man?? – punchbag! Can you ask him for his bio? Would be interesting to read his life story.

    If Mr M is reading this. Post us your bio please. How did you come to believe? Where did you serve in the IDF? Where you from? And what is our connection to saintly Mr Rev. Sizer? And please give us your logical and rational explanation for why you think Seismic got all the facts wrong and defamed Mr Sizer’s name. Another thing, Mr Rev. Sizer said in his comments that lives were at stake because of this blog. How is that so? Who was he talking about? It seemed to me to be a odd thing to say.

    Personnally Mr HaCohen I think Seismic has a point if you write like this, it’s sleazy and very undemocratic.

  13. Glasspole

    Either this other “Mordechai” is barely literate, or he doesn’t exist. One can’t be “a Goyuim”. Goyim is the plural. One wonders what level of Hebrew is being taught by him. . . .
    “There is several” is just bad grammar.
    Harrassment from an illiterate. . .
    Choose your weapons well; grammar and spelling seem good options, I think.
    Is this “minder” and his blog supposed to cause fear?
    If it were me, I would be seeking advice from Her Majesty’s Constabulary.
    However it just may be that Dr Sizer is in danger of losing the last few remaining marbles. I am not a mental health professional, but it seems to me that seeing actual quotes and clips of oneself does not constitute a threat.
    But then, paranoia is usually a Jewish trait. . . . if his “church” has replaced Israel, then . . .

    • Omri

      Yes, the “ben zaynim” comment makes no sense either. Someone who has served in the IDF should be well aware of every Modern Hebrew vulgarity and not use something that sounds like he wrote it with Google Translate or something.

  14. zkharya

    Hi Joe, here it is. Please feel free to correct any eggregious errors, grammatical, syntactical or other, which you spot yourself.

    Sizer, it seems to me, has reinvented traditional Christian anti-Judaism and anti-Zionism as modern anti-Zionism, and he has done so in, I think, a very dishonest way. Jews have been regarded as ethno-national group dispossessed of temple, city and land for most of Christian and Islamic history. A consequence of this is that, in the 19th and 20th centuries, most European, North African and Asian Jews were regarded, not so much as nationally European or, say, Arab, but as nationally Judean; with the result that most were either killed or effectively expelled: before 1914, mostly to America; after 1914, mostly to Palestine or what became Israel.

    Sizer claims to write as not merely a Christian, but an evangelical Christian, and that his views accord with some kind of perfect, absolute or Christian justice.

    But while he states that Palestinian Muslim and Christian dispossession entails their immediate right of return, not once, in all his writings, does he acknowledge or assert the corollary: that Jewish dispossession entails Jewish right of return, despite Palestinian and other Christians’ and Muslims’ having regarded this as Jews’ generally deserved state ab initio.

    His attitude to each dispossession strikes me as markedly contrasting, hard to reconcile with any consistent moral criteria, Christian or otherwise.

    Further, while he subjects Zionist, Palestinian and Israeli Jews to the highest moral criteria, he lets the historical Palestinian Muslim and Christian national movement practically off the hook: not once does he castigate Palestinian Muslim and Christian national threats or attempts to exclude, dispossess or eliminate Palestinian or Israeli Jews (never mind European or Arab Jews; never mind the state of exclusion and apartheid in which Palestinian Muslims and Christian kept Jews for most of Palestinian Muslim and Christian history). In fact, he scarcely treats Palestinian Muslims and Christians as having had any national movement, indeed any active moral agency, at all.

    Moreover, such as Sizer has misrepresented the history of Christian sympathy for a Jewish restoration to the land: the Christians in the 17th century who sympathised with such a notion were not antisemitic, as some have maintained, quite the reverse. Until then most Christians who had pronounced on the matter had regarded Jews as a nation justly ethnically cleansed as a punishment for their rejection of Jesus and the prophets, and that was the state in which they were largely to remain. In addition, since at least the time of Augustine, the Jews were to be kept in both a state of exile and humiliation. Original, paleo-Christian anti-Judaism, anti-Zionism and, arguably, proto-antisemitism, were indistinguishable. The Christian proto-Zionists of the 17th century were unique in the history of Christianity hitherto in their reasoning that, if g-d can dispossess the Jews in his wrath, he may restore them in his mercy, and that might constitute an act of historical justice to the Jews, from the gentile Christian powers that be, upon which Eurpopean Jews were utterly dependent for protection, refuge and right of residence. They were also among those of the time foremost in advocating that Christian countries accord Jews right of entry and abode, free of restriction. Much is made by Zionism’s detractors of the fact that European Christians advocated a Jewish return to Zion. But even the Talmud assumes that a Jewish restoration will occur only with the consent of the nations, in whose imperial power Jews had resided for most of their history.
    Stephen Sizer is arguably an atavistic throwback, and Seismic Shock/Joseph Wiseman was perfectly in his rights to criticise him, rigorously, especially since Sizer has played to the gallery of a reactionary Khomeiniist regime, which has not only arguably threatened to wipe Israel from the pages of history, but routinely abuses Iranian Shi’a Muslim converts to Christianity. That seems rather problematical for an alleged evangelical Christian minister. No wonder Sizer wanted Wiseman silenced: if it got out to the evangelical Christians of the US that Sizer was pursuing his own personal crusade against the Jewish state, and the Jewish nationalism that bore it, accomodating the jihad of an Iranian Shi’a state, while being conspicuously silent on the abuse of converts to Christianity by that same regime, Sizer’s campaign to brand all Christian support or sympathy for Zionism as heresy wouldn’t stand a snowball’s.

    Further, Sizer’s alleged ‘Christian’ justice consists in the old, polemical, rhetorical technique of

    a) defining your opponent in as extreme a form as possible and
    b) judging him by his highest standards, and your own by their lowest, or those of expediency.

    b) I have addressed above. But Sizer, it seems to me, has a particularly nasty way of defining Christian sympathy or support for Jewish nationalism in, as I said, its most extreme form, ignoring the more moderate form which characterises certainly most US Christians: namely that historical dispossession, and the subsequent centuries of discrimination, persecution, ethnic cleansing and, ultimately, genocide, entails some right of Jews to return to the land and enjoy, in one place in the world, self-rule and autonomy in a polity where they are the majority.
    As to Anthony McRoy, who has also played to the gallery of that same Iranian regime, and its proxy allies in its jihad to Israel’s extinction, Hizbullah: leaving aside his equating Hizbullah suicide bombers and mujahidin with the sacrifice of Christ on the cross (how different Christian attitudes to the militant Jewish resistance to imperial Roman rule!), it seems to me that he misrepresents the Apocalypse in, I think, an antisemitic way, for the following reasons.

    The saints slain under the alter of Rev 6, 9 beg revenge on ‘the inhabitants of the earth’; not ‘Jerusalem’, as McRoy maintains, and which he then equates with the modern state of Israel. Again, how odd that Christian tradition castigates militant Jewish resistance against Rome as the antithesis of Christian self-sacrifice, but that McRoy is perfectly happy to contrast, positively, Hizbullah’s militant acts against Israel with saintly martyrdom (he describes the 2006 war as Hizbullah’s quasi-Christian victory, eliding the fact that it commenced aggression against Israel by killing and kidnapping Israeli soldiers within Israel, and launching rockets against Israeli towns).

    Revelation dates itself to after 96 CE, after the destruction of Jerusalem. The tenor of the text is towards vengeance on the greater, existing oppressor: the Whore of Babylon, Rome. Why misrepresent the text to an Iranian Shi’a muslim audience except to appeal to a common anti-Jewish prejudice, for political purposes i.e. as a polemic hostile to the Jewish state of Israel?

    I think that constitutes antisemitism, and Seismic Shock/Joseph Wiseman was also entitled to remark all of the above, and to ask, and answer, whether that komplex constituted a kind of antisemitism.

  15. seismicshock

    Thanks so much Zak, I’ll post it in a couple of days perhaps when everything’s a bit calmer – definitely want to give it a wide readership though.

  16. zkharya


    that Jewish dispossession entails Jewish right of return, despite Palestinian and other Christians’ and Muslims’ having regarded dispossession and exile as Jews’ generally deserved state ab initio.

  17. zkharya

    There are some paragraph spacing errors, which are fairly obvious. Could you just check it’s laid out ok? Thanks, Zak

  18. Aslan

    Seems like Motke really is quite a troubled and sad character and Sizer has quite unethically used him for his purposes(Messianic Jew on Messianic Jew!) He is a British citizen and ex-Marine that was also according to his claim, in the IDF, his wife was tragically killed in a road accident and he understandably has not coped well, he chose the road and became homless.

    See last para of page 4 in this ex-Marines newsletter:

  19. zkharya

    That sounds an appalling story. Well, I hope he finds happiness and salvation in pretty much whatever way he can.

  20. Aslan

    However the last thing I would want is an emotionally unstable ex-Marine with no address and nothing to loose, sent out to get me!

  21. zkharya

    Mordechai Cohen is different from Motkhe Hacohen, since the British Marines newsletter says the former had lost his wife in a motorcycle accident prior to February 2009, and had been living in Sizer’s churchyard, whence he had departed for Exeter, whereas the latter says he was keeping shabbat with his wife in March 2009. Unless he is confused.

  22. Aslan

    He certainly sounds confused enough on the comments on this blog to make such a mistake with the dates.

  23. Aslan

    zkharya it has to be him, the report says he was “living rough in the churchyard at Virginia Water, Surrey” a churchyard at Virginia Water, that must be Sizer’s church.

  24. David

    I wouldn’t necessarily presume that what this chap has said to you on your blog is true, Joe.

    It is possible that Sizer has had some association with this fellow, but it is a leap to conclude that Sizer really did hire him to investigate you.

  25. seismicshock

    Point taken, thanks David I’ve qualified all this somewhat now on the main post – ta.

  26. zkharya

    Yeah, but it is odd and needs investigating. Clearly Sizer has had contact with this guy. The guy might be the source of the info used by the Sussex police. Sizer must have gotten the info somehow.

  27. Motkhe HaCohen

    So my grammar is not the best, mayhap it is something do to do with the bike smash, or mayhap it has something to do with the MST30mg i have to take to combat the pain.

    And ecxuse me, who said i was in the I.D.F, i never mentioned the I.D.F, As to my connection with the RM yes i am that man,

    Rev Sizer did not Hire me, he asked me if i could use my skills in I.T to see if we could find the person/s who were sending the emails, all i did was do so,

    As to bringing my late wife into this matter, that is beneath all of you,

    And is the Internet as the “Maverick” stated a place for free expression, he has his views on Rev Sizer, and i on his,

    As to my being alled to use the title R”, i studied Shulchan Aruch,

    Poor man, i may be poor in wealth, but in life i have lived and i am now content with what i have, i have seen things in this life i would not wish on any man, whether he was my enemy or my friend,

    So we are talking of Peace for the middle east, so by all acounts, anyone who seeks peace for the middle east is an Anti-semitic, so what of Yitzack Rabim of beloved memory, a Noble Peace Lauret-1994. Is he anti-semitic,

    Maverick, you have my email address, if you wish to slander me, or use my picture i would seek my permission first.

  28. seismicshock

    Hi Motkhe, I am truly truly sorry to hear of the tragic situation you found yourself in, it is a horrendous story.

  29. Aslan

    Yes Motkhe, deeply sorry for your loss.

  30. Aslan

    Back to the issue at hand, Motkhe, what skills do you have that Sizer asked you to use? Can’t say I imagined Royal Marines were computer geeks! Why on earth did you think Seismic was the Israeli intelligence?

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  34. Anon

    I think you need to change the title again. Try Israeli ex-soldier. Your current one is still misleading.

  35. seismicshock

    Thanks Anon, all better now.

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