Emails show Bishop Williamson continues to deny the Holocaust

Richard Williamson: Unbelehrbarer Bischof

From Spiegel Online:

Bishop Richard Williamson has again denied the Holocaust. While the arch-conservative SSPX movement [the Society of St. Pius X, to which Williamson belongs] is directly negotiating with Pope Benedict XVI on matters of faith, the British man remains unrepentant.

A year ago Williamson plunged the Catholic Church into a deep crisis with his views . From internal SSPX emails, it is apparent according to information obtained by SPIEGEL that Williamson continues to say that “the six million gassed”is “a complete lie”.

[Williamson also asserts that] “on this “fact” a “whole new world order” has been established.” According to the priest, who is due to appear in court in Germany this April charged with inciting racial hatred, “the Jews have found a substitute redeemer through the concentration camps.”

Williamson has also claimed that the “1.3 million deportees” from the camps at Treblinka, Majdanek, Belzec and Sobibor were not gassed, but were moved to the parts of the Soviet Union occupied by Germany.

The bishop apparently has further contact with leaders of the revisionist scene, like the Swiss Jurgen Graf.

Whilst the SSPX believe the Englishman to be “a ticking time bomb”, they have not wanted to expel him as he is considered to have many merits. In addition, the SSPX fear that Williamson could consecrate new bishops if he were expelled, and so form a separate church.

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4 responses to “Emails show Bishop Williamson continues to deny the Holocaust

  1. modernityblog

    Good post, I had forgotten about him.

    Weird, you might think he’d learnt his lesson after that Court case?

    Still he’s probably got a real bee in his bonnet about Jews?

    PS: Nice new look, all you need to do is add a podcast and an itune link!

  2. The SSPX has links to a monastery near to me, on one of the Orcadian islands.

    Although it has no links to Williamson’s Denial, I do hope he doesn’t pay a visit. I would be leading the first Viking longboat against Papa Stronsay if he did.

  3. I wonder what Williamson’s actual “many merits” are that prevent the SSPX from expelling him? Why are they so worried he’d form a new church – it would mean that they would be free to continue to whitewash their record on antisemitism by claiming that they’d expelled the one bad apple.

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