Derek Holland, Richard Williamson and the British Far Right

Christopher Pryor writes that Far Right Catholic Integrationalist Derek Holland is a fan of unrepentant SSPX Holocaust denier Richard Williamson.

Derek Holland helped introduce Christianity to the British Far Right at a time when he was in the National Front alongside current BNP leader Nick Griffin. Both men are featured in this video:

This is in part why I don’t believe the BNP when they claim to be Christian.

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One response to “Derek Holland, Richard Williamson and the British Far Right

  1. I don’t quite get the objection. Maybe Fiore was a militant in the past, but he is an honest traditional Catholic. While Codreanu was anti-Semitic, he was devoutly Romanian Orthodox; remember that he believed he was told to create the Legionaries by St. Michael the Archangel in a vision.

    Just because the BNP didn’t begin as a pro-Christian party doesn’t mean its leaders aren’t in earnest when they embrace Christianity. Integralism has deep roots in Catholic social teaching. Recall that Franco’s Falange, Salazar, and Dolfuss all tended toward integralism in part because of their interpretations of papal encyclicals on said teachings. There is a natural place for Christian traditionalists in far Right parties like the BNP.

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