Benny Morris and Ben White

Ben White has posted a link on his Facebook group about Benny Morris to an article in the Jerusalem Post crediting White with leading the campaign against Morris. Sky reporter Tim Marshall has an interesting take on the issue.

Benny Morris has made some controversial generalisations about Muslims and Palestinians. Readers have pointed out that Morris has made similar generalisations about Jews and Israelis, argued that Morris’ quotes have been taken out of context, and point out that Morris’ history on Israel has itself been utilised by Ben White when expedient. You can read Morris’ controversial statements as posted by Ben White here.

In a post on Harry’s Place last year, I described an imaginary person (“Bill”) expressing opinions on Arabs and Muslims even more out-there than Benny Morris’, and contrasted Bill’s opinions with Ben White’s expressed opinions on Jews and Israel.

Most outrageously, Ben White described the arrest of antisemites in New York who plotted to blow up a synagogue as a ‘fully blown threat to our freedoms.’

Now, Ben White’s anti-Morris facebook group states:

This is not a political disagreement. It is about the propagation of hateful incitement that is deeply concerning not only for minority groups on campus, but for the student body in general.

By this logic, will there be similar protests on campuses where Ben White speaks in future?


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