BNP Facts

A great new website here exposing the simple truths between the BNP’s lies, do check it out and pass around to all you know:


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  1. Glasspole

    Other Parties are not as clean as we may believe:
    A Labour MP has said that the election will be determined by the Zionists – see this week’s JC
    The Party has a sad history involving Bevin, Benn, Dalyell, Kaufman, Corbyn & others
    A Lib-Dem member of the Lords is known for her desire to kill as many innocent Israelis as she can. She hasn’t had the Whip withdrawn.
    A Conservative MP is so pro-Arab that he is blinkered against Jewish people as a whole.
    Only 1 major Party has been consistently pro-Israel.
    Having said that, we need to interogate as many Candidates as we can – using the power of the Zionist Lobby, of course!

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