Has the BNP had a Damascene conversion?

This is a cross-post from Edmund Standing

BNP Leader Nick Griffin has issued a ‘Special Easter Message from the Chairman‘ in which he is now presenting himself as something like the Christian equivalent of an Islamist. Misrepresenting the BNP’s true beliefs as usual, Griffin has now attempted to create a ‘Christian’ smokescreen in order to hide the real agenda of the BNP.

Griffin’s Easter message:

A special event that happened recently has changed my outlook on our struggle and the situation facing our sacred country. That event was the peaceful, sensible, mature debate with the Christian Party leader George Hargreaves and a large number of Christian Party members. I thoroughly enjoyed the entire debate which was noticeably absent of the usual hysterical fanaticism of the liberal-left.

It made me think long and hard about a new dimension of our struggle: our Christian religion, culture and traditions. In the past too much emphasis has been placed on the ethnic aspect of our present national dilemma, whilst the longest running feature of our identity has been overlooked: the fact that our country has been held together and guided for millennia by our common, ancient religion: Christianity.

Nick Griffin: ‘The idea of an anthropomorphic God in the sky who happens to take a particular interest in us has never struck me as remotely realistic’.

Griffin’s Easter message:

And before you misunderstand me, I do not mean the gut-wrenching politically correct quasi-Marxist nonsense spewing forth from the treacherous leaders of the modern Anglican Church. I mean the traditional, upright, decent and honest Christianity that defended Europe from Islamic conquest, the Christianity of the Crusades and the Christianity of our forefathers.

BNP Foreign Affairs Spokesman Arthur Kemp:

Although fought under the guise of Christianity, the Crusades were in fact an overt race war. White armies set off from all over Europe to drive the non-Whites out of the Middle East.

In the period leading up to the fall of Constantinople, the second major overtly racial war between the White race and the Middle Eastern mixed races broke out, taking the form of a series of armies attacking the nations of Islam in a period running for nearly 200 years: from 1095 to the middle of the thirteenth century.  Originally the term Crusade was applied only to the White Christian efforts to capture the city of Jerusalem in Palestine from the Muslims, but very soon it came to refer to any military effort by the Whites against the darker races of the Middle East.

Griffin’s Easter message:

There is nothing in traditional Christianity about world government, abolishing the nations, enslaving the world to finance capitalism and big business, eradicating traditional unique cultures and national identities, the promotion of sexual perversion, the glorification of treason, letting criminals run rampant and political correctness.

Nick Griffin, Total Politics interview, March 2010:

We’re not anti-gay. I took over a party which had a total ban on homosexual members. We’ve got gay members now and people know who they are, but it’s “don’t ask, don’t tell”‘.

Griffin’s Easter message:

After the General Election, all BNP leaflets will carry a Christian Cross to demonstrate our commitment to maintaining and preserving our Christian heritage as a nation.

BNP Legal Director Lee Barnes:

Christianity is a semitic religion, it is creature of the deserts of the Middle East not the forests of the Northern Europe and its symbol the cross is an instrument of torture not of living redemption.

The icons of death are what the West once worshipped – Moses, Christ, saints, popes etc etc

Now all these icons of death must be replaced by a living, organic religion which allows our people to reconnect once more with nature, the earth and the divine unfolding of the spiritual within the material and within Man.

Griffin’s Easter message:

In the past too much emphasis has been placed on the ethnic aspect of our present national dilemma, whilst the longest running feature of our identity has been overlooked: the fact that our country has been held together and guided for millennia by our common, ancient religion: Christianity.

Evening Standard, March 26, 2010:

The BNP’s London campaign chief was today facing suspension as a councillor after launching a racist “tirade” against Nigerian church-goers.

Bob Bailey, 44, took an “antagonistic and offensive” tone when a black pastor applied for planning permission to convert Barking offices into a church.

A meeting in Barking town hall was in uproar when Mr Bailey said: “We don’t want any more Nigerian churches in the borough.” The public gallery was packed with members of the Redeemed Christian Church of God.

He said he had visited the premises and told the planning committee meeting last July: “These people eat off the ground.” He added: “We don’t want the amount of black children.”

BNP candidate ‘Rev’ Robert West:

But is there something wrong with the Multi-Racial Society at a deeper level – not just given the nature of man as inherently territorial and tribal – but by the Multi-Racial Society being, as it were, a transgression of God’s will for His creation as He has seen fit to make and rule it.

BNP candidate ‘Rev’ Robert West:

The mixing of races challenges the glory of God.

We’ve seen all this before:




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2 responses to “Has the BNP had a Damascene conversion?

  1. Well said, Jo, though completely disagree with you (and Griffin) about homosexuality, as does the whole corpus of Divine revelation.

  2. Matt

    So a Christian turns out to be a Nazi Jew Hater, or a Nazi Jew Hater turns out to be a Christian. Not exactly new news, or a revolutionary new concept, that now is it.

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