Ban Dieudonné From Britain

Update: Itinerant adds:

“He did 2 shows in London on 10 April, both at 2 Savoy Place (Institute of Electrical Engineers)”

At the time of the 2009 European elections, I wrote about French “comedian” Dieudonné in his political capacity as a leading member of the Liste Antisioniste alongside Far Left-turned-Far Right politician Alain Sorel, who supports extreme Serbian nationalism, and Yahia Gouasmi who thinks there is a Zionist behind every divorce.

When Michael Jackson died, Dieudonné accused the ‘Zionist lobby’ of sucking the life out of him.

Now news comes that Dieudonné was due to perform April 10 in London.

Jonathan Hoffman writes:

Dieudonné has tried to justify his antisemitic comments with claims that Jews were the main organisers and beneficiaries of the African slave trade, and that they remain the main culprits behind the oppression of both blacks and Arabs.

According to new rules introduced in 2008, preachers of hate must renounce their extremist views or be excluded from entering the UK.

Jacqui Smith said at the time:

“Coming to the UK is a privilege and I refuse to extend that privilege to individuals who abuse our standards and values to undermine our way of life.”

Dieudonné does not deserve to enter Britain.

Here he is getting his comic character Jacky (a Jew from a Nazi concentration camp) to present Holocaust denier Robert Faurisson with an award – watch from 3:10:

Responding to the charge of being a ‘negationiste’ (denier), Faurisson accuses people who accept that the Nazi Holocaust occurred of being ‘affirmationistes’, adding ‘et vous écrirez le mot comme vous voudriez‘ (write it as you wish!), making a word play out of the sound ‘tionistes’, which sounds like sionistes (Zionists) – people who believe the Holocaust happened are ‘affirma-Zionists’.

As a result of this stunt, Dieudonné was fined 20,000 euros in late October 2009.

According to the government, the new rules about extremists will:

provide that where an individual claims to have renounced their previous extremist views or actions the burden of proof is on them to demonstrate that this is so and that this has been publicly communicated.

There is no evidence that Dieudonné has renounced his previous extreme views.

Here is a video Dieudonné posted the week after his fine, laughing at the courts, ranting about the “Shoah industry” and introducing his new song ShoahNanas about ‘Holocaust pineapples’, with Jacky playing the maracas:

Here’s Dieudonné’s skit about deported Jews, designed as a critique of the French government’s plans to teach all school children about the Holocaust:

Note in this skit the aggression of Dieudonné’s character towards Jacky’s character and the audience reaction.

If this government is serious about combatting extremism, Dieudonné should not be allowed to enter Britain and perform.



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8 responses to “Ban Dieudonné From Britain

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  2. donas

    I often wonder if people like him even know history. Considering he is African French (I think) should he not know the history of slavery in better detail. His accusations would be proven false, but I guess some people prefer the glass bowl for a reason.

    It is sad that they can abuse freedom of speech by such using “democracy” as the by word. Banning would be great but I am not sure that in democracy that you can, did he offer to murder someone on stage………. now that would come in handy……

  3. Also, you would think that he would be interested in the history of what happened to Afro-Germans when the Nazis came to power in Germany (they were forcibly sterilized) and to African French troops when they were captured by the German Army at the fall of France – 3,000 of them were murdered in cold blood. (Source: Doris Bergen, A concise history of the Holocaust).

  4. Brice

    The paper is trying to convince us that being anti-Zionist is a valuable reason to be excluded from entering the UK. Why are you just talking about Dieudonné point of view on zionism.
    For me, there is no difference between Zionism and apartheid in south Africa…especially you in the UK know what I mean.
    Probably you are among people thinking that the is no Zionist lobbies out there all over the world.
    Before banning Dieudonné from the Uk, you should think about banning Liebermann first, and you will seem a bit more fair :).

  5. Itinerant

    He did 2 shows in London on 10 April, both at 2 Savoy Place (Institute of Electrical Engineers)

  6. Where are you Joe we miss you? I hope you haven’t been gagged by the thought police. Let us see you’re still alive and kicking.

  7. Steve

    He’s just an humorist. He’s performing a show. The question is: is it funny? is it good taste? is it subtle? is it deep? is it clever? You can debate that. The question isn’t, is it legal? is it criminal? It is not. Let this man carry on his business. Ignore him as the worst retaliation. Anything else is an abuse and the crime is on your side.

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