Stephen Sizer Links To Stephen Lendman

Stephen Sizer today on his blog compares Tony Blair’s negotiations with Binyamin Netanyahu to Neville Chamberlain’s negotiations with Adolf Hitler. Sizer also links to an article by Stephen Lendman, a far right journalist who writes for the conspiratorial anti-Jewish Rense site and defends Holocaust denier Fred Tobin on TV.

We read at Mathaba News International this transcript of a TV debate alongside Peter Hardung of the Holocaust-denying Adelaide Institute. When the presenter questions Hardung about the arrest of Fred Tobin, the following conversation ensues:

Adam, Mathaba: 
Peter, this was all because he published questions concerning the veracity of the Holocaust at ?

Stephen Lendman:
I just wrote about Canadian Professor Denis Rancourt – fired from Univ. of Ottawa for supporting Palestinians. In America, same fate for Norman Finklestein, Joel Kovel and others. Ward Churchill for all his honest views.

Peter Hartung: 
Yes, Fredrick Toben published such views, and was never, even once given the opportunity in court to explain or prove his claims.

Adam, Mathaba: 
Yes Stephen, that is evidently so. And that was a great article you wrote, and shows that censorship has extended heavily to academia and universities, where knowledge is not allowed to be imparted, nor how to THINK.

Stephen Lendman: 
Israel copyrights the “holocaust” as if it was only one in history. Unmentioned in WW II alone is the 20 million Slavs killed, including Jews, of course but mostly others.

So once again, Sizer is linking  approvingly to the Holocaust-denying Far Right in America. Sizer once shared a platform with Fred Tobin in Jakarta, and is now promoting Tobin’s admirers.



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5 responses to “Stephen Sizer Links To Stephen Lendman

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  2. Good ol’ Sizer is mentioned in a Jerusalem Post article today, and is cited as participating in a new crises between the Church and the Jewish community, this time with the Methodist church specifically:

    Methodists set to clash with Jewish community in UK

    It’s so disheartening it really is….

  3. David

    Sizer at it again, he will be a footnote in the history books as yet another anti-semitic cleric, in fact he already is in Julius’ Trials of the Diaspora he is a footnote in the section on theological antisemitism. He has worked very hard to be noticed!

  4. Dov

    This is not the first time Sizer has linked to Lendman, see this post where another Christian leader took Sizer to task for doing just that:

    In other words Sizer has no excuses, he is now willingly and deliberately promoting an antisemitic writer. Why is Sizer still in a job?

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