Response to Canon Robert Morrison

This is a press release from Anglican Friends of Israel

Anglican Friends of Israel deplores the outburst from Canon Robert Morrison of the Church in Wales International Strategic Affairs Group in WalesOnline News in which he accuses Israel of racism and moral hypocrisy and even implies that Israel shelters behind sensitivities about the Holocaust so that her misdeeds are not given their proper name.

Morrison’s accusations centre around Israel’s purported mistreatment of Gaza.  He joins the list of those who present Gaza as a poverty-stricken prison camp whose citizens are wholly at the mercy of Israeli malevolence even blaming Israel for the appearance of Hamas.

But Morrison’s use of information is highly selective.  Here are some points he has omitted.

 Hamas is dedicated to Israel’s destruction as its Charter reveals.  Gaza is at war with Israel and Israel has every right to defend itself.
 Rockets and missiles continue to rain on Israel from Gaza until now – more than 9000 since 2000.  Only after 8 years of limited responses to this aggression did Israel launch Operation Cast Lead in which the clinic Morrison mentions was damaged.
 Gaza also has a border with Egypt sealed just as tightly as Israel does.  Why is this not worthy of mention?
 Hamas murders its opponents, terrorises its citizens, and steals international aid intended for its citizens.  Does Morrison suppose that Israel is responsible for this too?
 Israel supplies Gaza with electricity and thousands of tons of other aid every week.
 There is no shortage of food or goods in Gaza as these photos show.  There is a gap between the ‘haves’ and ‘have nots’ as there is all over the world.  This has more to do with chaotic government and feudal infighting than with Israel.
 Mahmoud Abbas has this week made it clear that any Palestinian state would be Juden rein.  Contrast this with Israel, where 20% of Israeli citizens are non-Jewish.

Morrison accuses Israel of moral hypocrisy.  But what are we to say when, after 2000 years of Christian persecution of Jews, a Christian clergyman feels free to

 Use Jewish Scriptures to castigate the Jewish State.
 Use the experience of Jews in the Holocaust to suggest that (a) Israel should be behaving differently and (b) Israel uses the Holocaust to deflect criticism from itself.
 Single out Jewish desire for self-determination in their ancient homeland to label ‘racist’ despite Israel having 20% Arab citizens with full access to benefits, education and voting rights.  Would Morrison call France, Pakistan or China ‘racist’ if they said that they were primarily states for French, Pakistani or Chinese people?
 Ignore decades of Arab threats and aggression against Israel in an analysis of the Middle East Conflict.

Anglican Friends of Israel calls on the Archbishop of Wales, Barry Morgan to distance himself from the sentiments expressed by Robin Morrison and urgently enquire why, given the plethora of human rights abuses in the world, the Wales International Strategic Affairs Group feel compelled to single out Israel for such opprobrium.


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