Leeds Messianic Fellowship Responds to Methodist Church Report on Palestine/Israel

This is a press release by the Leeds Messianic Fellowship

The Leeds Messianic Fellowship (LMF), a worshipping congregation of Messianic Jews and sympathetic Gentile Christians, has produced a response to the recent Methodist report on Palestine and Israel which has raised controversy in many circles. Since the publication of the Methodist report, many people have voiced their concerns about the presence of theological antisemitism within contemporary Christian conversations about Israel.

You may read the 3000-word LMF response here: http://www.lmf.org.uk

Our document is aimed at furthering dialogue with Methodists on the subject of Israel and the Jewish people. In Point #15 we request that the Methodist Church should produce a report on the evils of antisemitism, following the suggestions of a Methodist preacher.

Our prayer is for peace and justice to prevail for both Palestinians and Israelis. We believe that our interjection into the current Methodist debate concerning the Middle East is both positive and constructive, and pray that it will be of great use to Methodists considering these questions.

We invite you to share this document with all concerned and faithful Methodists, and indeed those both within and beyond the church. We also encourage you to pray for the peace of Jerusalem (Psalm 122:6).

Pray for the peace of Jerusalem: “May those who love you be secure.”


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