Church expelled from village centre because of Israel support!

Guest post by Gev

The Father’s House, a church of about 40 people that was based in the Welsh village of Gwernymynydd, near Mold, was thrown out of its rented premises because of its support of Israel. The Jewish Chronicle reported that “In May, the group received an eviction letter from the village centre from which it has run church services for 11 years.” The Council-owned centre gave them six months to leave explaining that: “There has also been great concern expressed about the content of your website, and the very controversial views it contains. The Village Centre Committee does not wish to be associated with your views.” The website contains news and editorials about anti-Israel activity. The Father’s House no longer meets in the centre and cannot rent any other council venue in the County of Flintshire for fear of similar action and now rent an industrial unit in the Deeside Area of North Wales.

Mike Fryer, pastor of the Father’s House is a former National Crime Squad detective and stated that the ban was discriminatory under the Equality Act. He also runs the Christians for Zion blog site. In a new twist the Gwernymynydd Village Centre Committee chaired by Councillor Keith Taylor claim that the group was evicted because it “was monopolising the amenity at weekends”. However this claim seems rather shallow in the light of the letter sent to the church.

Fryer comments on his blog about the wider implications for British Christians that, “this is the first such case of a Christian group/church being evicted for their belief”.




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2 responses to “Church expelled from village centre because of Israel support!

  1. Esther 4:14

    I could add to this story if you wish to contact me.

  2. Pilgrim

    This situation in Wales is tragic but it illustrates a wider problem .The monomaniacal absorption of the left with Israel harms harms not only Christians in this country but also leads to the total neglect of those who suffer abroad.
    Just to take one of many examples. In Turkey the tiny minority of beleagured Christians faces increasing persecution. In a fit of anger Prime Minister Erdogan recently threatened to expel the remaining Armenians from his territory and Christians generally face a climate of hostility in the media.It is not surprising that when Erdogan visited Lebanon in November there was virtually a riot by the 150,000 Armenians who live there.
    All kinds of legal obstacles are placed in the way of Christians and the Ecumenical Patriarch in Istanbul has laboured under severe restrictions for years. Christians find it difficult to get permission even to repair existing structures. Build a Megachurch? Forget it.
    If this was not enough there have been a whole series of attacks in recent years on priests and church workers. In a horrific example in June of this year Bishop Luigi Padovese was brutally murdered and decapitated in the port city of Iskenderun. Turkish Christians know only too well what it is like to be persecuted for their faith.
    There needs to be a wider debate about these issues. But unfortunately the total and fanatical absorbtion with Israel (as in this Welsh example) prevents these matters getting the airing they deserve.

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