Sizer: Zionists hand-in-hand with EDL & buy politicians in USA

Stephen Sizer was in Malaysia last week, having been invited by an anti-Jewish, pro-terrorist group that seeks to supply Hamas with material and political support.

Here’s Sizer giving an interview to a Malaysian worker for Viva Palestina Malaysia. The worker believes that McDonalds, Coca Cola, L’Oreal and Nestle are “funding the Zionist regime” – a position that we hear Sizer agreeing with in the interview.

Here’s Sizer on Malaysian TV.

Sizer claims that “the Zionists” in the UK are hand-in-hand with the EDL:

Here Sizer says the Zionist bought off “every single” politician in the US, to ensure they applauded Netanyahu in Congress:

Can we have some sources for these claims, Reverend?

Not from Holocaust deniers this time please.

I think it’s a disgrace that Sizer is allowed to spread these lies, without any sanctions or at least critical comment from his bishop and archbishop.

What can be done?


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