Reading PSC, Christ Church Virginia Water, Stephen Sizer and Tony Gratrex

By now you will be painfully familiar with Rev. Stephen Sizer.

This is what you can see on his website.

Here is Sizer sitting smugly, during his meeting with Khomeini’s daughter in Iran, in a room adorned with Hezbollah imagery glorifying suicide bombs to destroy Israel:

Stephen Sizer is the vicar who thinks Colonel Gaddafi does evil thingsbecause he is Jewish, and the USA lets him get away with it because they are controlled by people with Jewish blood too. You see, Sizer thinks that Zionist Jews have paid every single congressman to support Israel right-or-wrong. That explains everything.

Sizer has recently been shilling for the Hamas support network Viva Palestina in Malaysia. The Malaysian chapter of Viva Palestina is littered with anti-Semitism – VPM was backed by the notorious antisemiteMahathir, allows Holocaust-denier Matthias Chang to work with them, uses anti-Jewish imagery, and promotes anti-Jewish conspiracy theories. Speaking in Malaysia, Sizer praised the flotillas to Gaza, which have been led by the major Hamas funder and promoter in Turkey, the IHH.

Sizer has promoted of Viva Palestina’s British chapter too. Viva Palestina is a registered British charity which functions as George Galloway’s Hamassupport operation. Viva Palestina is friendly with the Hamas top table.

Here is Galloway handing Viva Palestina money to Hamas’ Ziad Al-Zaza, then the Gazan economy minister:


Rev. Sizer has also drawn attention to the Viva Palestina convoy that left from the UK, writing on his blog in January 2010:

Tony Gratrex, a member of our church family, is one of the drivers on the Viva Palestina Convo.

This is Tony Gratrex:

Gratrex is an organiser for the Reading Palestine Solidarity Campaign. Reading PSC keeps tabs on the Viva Palestina convoys, and is very supportive of their work.

Gratrex has also been a guest speaker at Oxford PSC, attended a branch meeting at Bristol PSC, and was affiliated with the Bristol Convoy of Viva Palestina.

Sizer granted Gratrex column space, to write up the experience in the parish magazine Connections. The article was reproduced by Reading PSC. Gratrex wrote:

I would like to thank Christ Church for their prayers for me and the convoy in reaching Gaza. However the siege continues.

Here is what Gratrex thinks about “the Jews”, in a comment addressed to Jenny Tonge:

I admire the work you do and am in agreement with virtually everything you say except for your attitude regarding the media.

You state that the jews do not control the media but that it is under self censorship.

This is patently wrong and only a cursory glance using the internet will show that a majority of the media is jewish owned or controlled.

During the interview you use the expression “who pays the piper calls the tune” and that is precisely the problem when one considers who controls the international banking system.

So Jews control the media, global financing, and the world.

Gratrex left the comment on the blog of Alan Hart, a 9-11 truther.

Here’s Gratrex on reading about the Holocaust in an article about an Israeli spy in Germany:

With the mention of the holocaust in this article I can only think again of Norman Finkelsteins book; The Holocaust Industry (Reflections on the Exploitation of Jewish Suffering). How much longer is Israel going to continue to blackmail the world?

So Israel = Europe’s Jews. The surviving Jews are blackmailing the world.

What a surprise, that Reading PSC, Viva Palestina and Christ Church Virginia Water should promote such a guy.

I wonder what is it exactly, that leads the likes of Israel Shamir (with who Sizer is on first name terms) and Martin Webster to praise Christ Church Virginia Water?

At Christ Church Virginia Water, you can hear Sizer talk about the Jewish nation in these terms, juxtaposing his theological beliefs about Jews, with the way he feels about the modern Jewish state:

In an act of wonderful grace God transplanted Israel into Canaan, and gave the nation every possible benefit. In Isaiah 5:4, the Lord exclaims in exasperation, “What more could have been done to my vineyard, that I have done in it?” If ever a nation had everything it needed to succeed, it was Israel. But the vine produced wild grapes. Instead of practising justice, it practised oppression as it does today, instead of righteousness, it produced unrighteousness.Only this week Israel was censured by the UN for refusing to sign the Nuclear weapons treaty. God had to deal with the nation Israel and chasten it, but it was no use. When God’s Son came to the vineyard, they said “This is the heir” and they killed Him. And so ceased to be the vineyard of the Lord. Read Isaiah 5:5. The past vine was the nation of Israel.

How inspiring. No wonder this is where Tony Gratrex thrives spiritually.

I am quite concerned about the links being formed between Reading PSC and Christ Church Virginia Water. Reading PSC also promotes Sizer’s Christian anti-Zionist film ”With God on our Side“.

Instead of being sanctioned by the Church of England, Sizer is being given a promotion – to Locum Rural Dean in Guildford, during the leave of Rev. Tim Hillier.

As a result, you have to wonder whether Sizer’s theological ideas about Jews will move beyond his parish, and become more popular within his deanery. Will his teachings encourage more people who have anti-Semitic prejudices, like Tony Gratrex, to feel like they are changing the world in a positive way?

I like the Church of England. I like to imagine Anglican vicars having cups of tea with elderly parishioners, organising jumble sales, hosting quiz evenings, speaking on Radio 4 – that sort of stuff.

Why can Rev Sizer act differently, forming alliances with vile anti-Semites, just to attack Israel?

According to the Iranian leadership, Sizer is no ordinary vicar. Rather, he is an “Archbishop”:

But first and foremost, Sizer is not a Christian teacher. Rather, he is an anti-Zionist hardliner who appropriates Christian symbolism as a weapon against the Jewish nation, as he perceives it.

Does the C of E hierarchy even care any more?

Does the Palestine Solidarity Campaign?

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