Christ Church Virginia Water helps fund “8 weeks of conferences” for Sizer per year

I have covered Stephen Sizer’s trip to Malaysia with Viva Palestinia Malaysia, to shill for their Hamas support network. Stephen Sizer is the sinister minister, who doubles up as Raed Salah’s tour photographer in London.

Raed Salah and his movement are ideologically aligned with Hamas. He has also funded Hamas. Here is Viva Palestinia Malaysia activist Azra Banu being rewarded for services to Hamas by the terrorist group’s Gaza leader Ismail Haniyeh:

This is Mike Allan, from Glossop in Derbyshire:

He is a British expat living in Malaysia, and organises the videos and the mailing lists for the racist group Viva Palestina Malaysia. Azra Banu is also on the mailing list. It is very likely that Allan runs the VPM Facebook group too.

Mike Allan is a Holocaust denier, writing things like:

Show me PROOF of the holocaust and I’ll believe it. Show me hazy suppositions by people that are excusing the very real holocausing of the Palestinians, then dont quiz my skepticism.

Also, the holocaust has fed the zionists and made them what they are today. If Holocosim was always flatly rejected perhaps the Balfour declaration would never have come to fruition


Come in boat number 6,000,000, your time is up!

He was also an anti-Muslim bigot for a while, saying that:

its not surprizing that those that believe in Allah are acceptors of the holocaust. The Q we need to be asking ourselves is… Which are you? A muslim or a thinker?

Since then, Barry from Four Lions Mike Allan has converted to Islam, and claims to believe in: “Revolutionary Islamic Justice.”

Earlier this year, Mike Allan invited Stephen Sizer to Malaysia on behalf of Viva Palestina Malaysia. Sizer happily obliged, but Allanasked Sizer:

Stephen, last year you mentioned you would cover the cost of your flight to Malaysia. I am sure you’d appreciate that as a small NGO that offer was very helpful to us and although I’m embarrassed to ask, I was wondering if the same case applied? Could you update me on this?  With great respect. Mike Allan (Viva Palesina Malaysia)

Sizer replied:

Dear Mike, Thanks for your emails and news. I am sure I can find assistance with the flight. God is good. The dilemma I face is having decided to take the week as ‘holiday’ I should really pay for the flight myself. I have 8 weeks allocated for travel and the church will help fund requests. I am already committed to 8 weeks of conferences and travel this year. […] I will nevertheless need to seek the approval of my leaders here to make the trip as part of my work, and thereby claim the flight cost.

Who are Sizer’s leaders?

This refers to the Leadership Team of Christ Church Virginia Water.

Christ Church Virginia Water is home to Tony Gratrex, a Reading PSC activist who thinks Jews control the media. Christ Church also hosts Hind Khoury, a Sabeel activist who thinks suicide bombers are martyrs. For some reason, “Israel Shamir” and Martin Websterfully recommend the church. You can hear sermons about how Israel killed Christ.

Furthermore, the church funds Sizer’s political campaigns around the world, where he joins hands with various anti-Semites, terrorists and Holocaust deniers to denounce Israel and Christian Zionism.

When he was in Malaysia, Sizer told outright lies about British Jews. He scandalously claimed that in the UK Zionists were working with the EDL against Muslims, and argued that Zionist Jews bought off every politician in the USA.

Christ Church Virginia Water is ostensibly a place of worship, and a house of God. Yet it is also now a political outfit boasting a plethora of extremist connections. This church in the Diocese of Guildford is essentially funding racist conferences, by paying Sizer’s airfare.

Church funds are being used to strengthen the hands of racist anti-Semites, terrorists and Holocaust deniers, and their church is fuelling extremism, and spreading utter lies about pro-Israel Jews and Christians in the UK.

The Church of England is highly valued by many British people, and it is a source of spiritual riches for many worshippers. However, we should speak against the misuse of church funds at Christ Church Virginia Water, and the Church of England leadership should be held to account over this abuse of charity.

We need to act, and fast.

This is why.

Noraini Hashim of VPM sent out this message:

I was in my office for only a short time yesterday & there were some really annoyed Christians who called about the story and wanting to put dr sizer “right”. Maybe next time he is down, vpm can arrange for him to speak to churches or Christians. All the comments i got on the story inc emails came from Christians. Vpm should work together with churches to bring the message across to Christians, and to allow people to consider a different perspective. So looks like the story did offend some Christians.

VPM think Malaysian Christians don’t understand Christian Zionism well enough, so they want to forge links between Sizer and some big Malaysian churches.

If Christ Church Virginia Water funds Sizer’s next trip to Malaysia – as seems likely – they will again be helping to export his message of hate to Christians around the world.

I was also struck by VPM’s gleeful claim that Sizer had offended Christians. I have long been convinced, this is Sizer’s intention.

I consider Sizer’s message to be overtly anti-Christian. As a disciple of Christ, that why I oppose his immoral and evil activities.

But I do quite like this email on the VPM mailing list:

Salam all

Its been suggested by Stephen Sizer that questions for tomorrow’s session be submitted in writing. This is to prevent the Christian Zionists from hijacking the night.
Azhar please take note.
And Syafiq & jem, please prepare paper & pens for the Q & A session.

Bic biros at the ready.

Should stop things like this from happening!

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