Guess Who Has Just Come Out As A Raed Salah Supporter?

Cross-posted by Lucy Lips:

The Middle East Monitor, the pro-Hamas campaign organisation that brought Raed Salah to the United Kingdom, has a page on which they list “human rights campaigners and community leaders” who are supporting Raed Salah’s attempt to spread his poison in the United Kingdom.

For some time, the list was rather short and unsurprising:

Middle East Monitor
Friends of Al Aqsa
British Muslim Initiative
Palestine Solidarity Campaign
Palestine Return Centre
Lindsey German, Stop the War
Ben White, Writer and Activist
Mohamed Ali, CEO, Islam Channel
Global Peace and Unity
Mohammed Asif, Engage
Amos Trust
Victoria Brittain, Journalist and Writer

Wot? No Muslim Association of Britain? No Islamic Human Rights Commission? Still, that’s not a bad list of Britain’s Pro-Hamas Lobby.

The article ends with the legend: “The list of signatories is being updated

And this afternoon, a new name was added to the list? Can you guess who it is? I bet you can’t?

Reverend Dr. Stephen Sizer

Who’d have thunk it! The Rev who has never met an antisemite or terroristhe didn’t like. Here he is hosting Hind Khoury of Sabeel, who regards suicide bombers as “martyrs

Sizer has recently joined the Palestinian Solidarity Campaign:

It is unfair to suggest that the Rev Sizer joined the PSC because of what he learnt about Raed Salah’s views? Or perhaps he joined because of our post about Tony Gratex, the Reading PSC activist who believes that Jews control the banks and the media?

In any event, Sizer is an ornament to Salah’s campaign.


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