Sami Awad on nutty priests and Swastika-lovers

This is Sami Awad a BDS activist, who heads up the Holy Land Trust:

Awad talks about “nonviolent” resistance, but he’s not too hung up on the point, saying:

Our goal is to involve all people in the popular resistance. I call for every person to ask themselves each day when they wake up what they can do that day to resist the occupation, whether it is coming up with a new slogan or music, writing something, it doesn’t matter what. What does matter, what is crucially important, is that all people are engaged in this popular struggle.

This is not a substitute for the armed struggle. This is not a method for normalization with the occupation. Our goal is to revive the popular resistance until every person is involved in dismantling the occupation.”

Awad will be talking at the Christ at the Checkpoint conference 2012, alongside various Christian antizionists who have been associated with terrorists, and recommend the writings of Holocaust deniers.

Ben White has been pushing this conference on the Methodist blog Connexions.

Sami Awad presents himself as a moderate, but he is not quite so moderate as he appears.

Certainly Awad doesn’t help his own credibility much, by hosting the crazy antizionist Greek Orthodox priest Atallah Hanna at the Holy Land Trust:


According to reports in  popular evangelical magazine Christianity Today, Atallah Hanna supports suicide bombings – a position that drew outrage from the paper. Hanna apparently said this:

As you know, political parties in Palestine agree to the continuation of the intifada, which includes different approaches of struggle. Some freedom fighters adopt martyrdom or suicide bombing, while others opt for other measures. But all these struggles serve the continued intifada for freedom. Therefore, we support all these causes.


We are part of the intifada, so you don’t expect us to keep distance and watch. We are in the struggle, whether it’s martyrdom or any other means, we are part of it.

Hanna has since denied these things, although mpac-UK report he has. Here you can see Hanna ranting about “Satanic” and diabolical Zionism, and promising that Palestine will be free “from the river to the sea”:

Both Sami Awad (RTing Sizer) and Atallah Hanna have been defending theantisemite and Swastika fan Raed Salah, in public.

I hope other speakers at Christ at the Checkpoint 2012 will challenge Awad on his ties to Hanna and his defence of Salah, which ought to cause great concern about his ministry.



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16 responses to “Sami Awad on nutty priests and Swastika-lovers

  1. Gary Spedding

    What is so funny about this blog is that it holds zero truth to it and uses a fanatical attempt at discrediting three men who work for justice and peace with zero evidence.

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  4. modernityblog

    From his comments, I would have to assume that Spedding has no problem with Atallah Hanna’s views?

  5. seismicshock

    “three men who work for justice and peace”

    That’s antisemite Raed Salah, antisemite Atallah Hanna – both apologists for terror – and their pal Sami Awad.


    • Gary Spedding

      Sami isn’t as far as im aware in anyway associated with Raed Saleh…. Also where is the evidence that Hanna Atallah is at all an anti-semite?

      • seismicshock

        Why did Sami retweet articles defending Salah as NOT an antisemite, despite the fact he’s on record for saying Jews didn’t turn up for work on 9/11?

  6. modernityblog

    So Gary, you don’t have any problems with Hanna Atallah’s views?

    Or are you just ignorant of them?

    • Gary Spedding

      The thing is you are generalizing about his views most likely based on what has been wrote here without any indepth reading or learning about Hanna Atallah’s views.

      First and foremost he is a Bishop of the Patriarchate of Jerusalem if he was in any way expressing anti-semitic views the Patriarchate would have to depose him. Considering I just spent the entire day sitting in the Patriarchate and considering the amount of Israeli ministry of tourism faxes they got as well as the number of Israeli Jewish visitors you can hardly claim that the Patriarchate is anti-semitic or that they would accept anti-semitic priests. However that is a circumstantial and weak argument if we want to go further indepth in specific to H.E ArchBishop Hanna Atallah we can indeed do that I would ask you to since you are the one making the accusations along with the author of this blog to provide exact proven quotes in official statements from Hanna Atallah who has spent a great deal of time and effort promoting the ideas of strong determined focus on human rights for Palestinians while also holding onto the love and peace which is taught in Christianity which also applies to reconciliatory style ideals which he expresses quite often.

      This blog here and the blogger behind it has spent considerable time attacking members of a specifically nonviolent community in fact pretty much all the people i know and have worked with in the past and will continue working with in the future personally are featured on this blog.

      It seems that the blogger is deliberately misleading an audience especially using quotes which are out of context in terms of Sami Awad and certainly not providing or giving links to sources for quotes with the more recent blogs re: Christ at the Checkpoint.

      I mean the blogger was lazy when it came to me he extracted a quick google search (ignoring the quite useful things one can find about me on google including the false accusation I physically attacked an israeli law lecturer) he/she (The blogger) found my facebook profile picture and a tiny amount of information on me in regards to my possition in a society at the university and also made up false information in regards to the fact I am NOT an employee of Holy Land Trust.

      The problem is the blogger can personally attack Ben White, Stephen Sizer, Sami Awad, Hannah Atallah, the pope even if he likes but it does not change the reality on the ground here nor does it change the human rights abuses or international law in fact this blog aims at deflecting focus from the extremely positive work these individuals have done while also diverting focus from human rights law, humanitarian law, international law and many other aspects.

      Take for example the above blog we are commenting on firstly he uses an out of context quote regarding the idea nonviolence is not a substitute for armed struggle firstly notice the context of the quote and secondly note that in conversation it is easy to explain such a statement but when being cut down into an article the fine details are left out.

      It is impossible to substitute in the minds of some people armed or violent struggle there for you cannot offer nonviolence as a direct alternative to such people. For years now the Hamas have been taking the piss out of nonviolent struggle because they think it just gets more palestinians beaten up and arrested for using their democratic right to protest and their human right to freedom of assembly. Nonviolence is the only way for some other people and this forces limitation on options available which in some instances is a good thing but in others its a bad thing given the entire context of the situation here. I totally disagree with violence in any form and that doesn’t just includie physical violence however I do recognize the legitimate right to armed struggle against an occupying force (not against their civilians or innocents) This is very different to supporting anything anti-semitic or even anything to do with terrorism.

      It is entirely up to people themselves what form of struggle they take and its as simple as that.

      looking more at the blog post it contains links which are references to seismic-shock’s own blog (hardly reliable and based entirely on her/his opinion) The quote from Atallah hanna has been corrected in many places which the blogger ignores….. anyways thats me im done.

  7. modernityblog

    We got that.

    So what is your view of people that express antisemitic views?

    • Gary Spedding

      My view of anti-semitism is that it is a disgusting aspect of human thought process and as an ideology it is horrifying.

      My views on people expressing anti-semitic views are also as equally low however I also see where this is going in that you will attempt an ad-hominem in the idea that you claim ArchBishop H.E. Atallah Hannah is anti-semitic and thus I must be lieing or I must be in a defacto possition to dislike his views but considering his views are not anti-semitic I suggest you learn the difference between genuine anti-semitism and the kind of anti-semitism that gets claimed against people to attack them as people.

  8. modernityblog


    *If* you are going to be a true Christian, then don’t assume bad faith.

    I wanted to know your views on anti-Jewish racism, that’s it.

    • Gary Spedding

      You are not the judge to decide on what is true Christianity or not.

      My views on anything racist or discriminatory is extremely low. I am intolerant of any kind of racism

      • seismicshock

        Let’s see some evidence of your consistent anti-racist Christian attitude then. Why does your friend hang around with Atallah Hanna and defend Raed Salah?

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