Holy Land Trust employee: antisemites are working for peace and justice

This is Gary Spedding:

Spedding heads up the Palestine Solidarity Society at Queen’s University in Belfast. He also works for the Holy Land Trust charity, whose founder Sami Awad likes to defend and spend time with antisemites.

Sami Awad is an organiser of the controversial Christ at the Checkpoint conference.

Spedding writes, in response to my article on Awad:

What is so funny about this blog is that it holds zero truth to it and uses a fanatical attempt at discrediting three men who work for justice and peace with zero evidence.

Zero evidence that Awad likes to hang around with antisemitic priest Atallah Hanna, of course:

How is Atallah Hanna or Raed Salah committed to “peace” or “justice”?


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5 responses to “Holy Land Trust employee: antisemites are working for peace and justice

  1. in Islam, “salaam” or “peace” can ONLY be achieved when there is VICTORY.
    This begs the question:
    Victory over WHOM?

  2. Gary Spedding

    Seriously please get your facts straight i don’t work for Holy Land Trust im associated with them but im not their employee

  3. Gary Spedding

    Also where is the evidence for your ridiculous claims?

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