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BNP’s Robert West to stand in Lincolnshire

From ThisIsLincolnshire:

BNP candidates will contest all seven Lincolnshire parliamentary seats at the General Election, it has been announced.


As reported in the Echo, BNP priest Reverend Robert West will stand for the Lincoln seat while Mike Clayton is the Sleaford and North Hykeham nominee.

More on Robert West here.

The BNP is not Christian.

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Has the BNP had a Damascene conversion?

This is a cross-post from Edmund Standing

BNP Leader Nick Griffin has issued a ‘Special Easter Message from the Chairman‘ in which he is now presenting himself as something like the Christian equivalent of an Islamist. Misrepresenting the BNP’s true beliefs as usual, Griffin has now attempted to create a ‘Christian’ smokescreen in order to hide the real agenda of the BNP.

Griffin’s Easter message:

A special event that happened recently has changed my outlook on our struggle and the situation facing our sacred country. That event was the peaceful, sensible, mature debate with the Christian Party leader George Hargreaves and a large number of Christian Party members. I thoroughly enjoyed the entire debate which was noticeably absent of the usual hysterical fanaticism of the liberal-left.

It made me think long and hard about a new dimension of our struggle: our Christian religion, culture and traditions. In the past too much emphasis has been placed on the ethnic aspect of our present national dilemma, whilst the longest running feature of our identity has been overlooked: the fact that our country has been held together and guided for millennia by our common, ancient religion: Christianity.

Nick Griffin: ‘The idea of an anthropomorphic God in the sky who happens to take a particular interest in us has never struck me as remotely realistic’.

Griffin’s Easter message:

And before you misunderstand me, I do not mean the gut-wrenching politically correct quasi-Marxist nonsense spewing forth from the treacherous leaders of the modern Anglican Church. I mean the traditional, upright, decent and honest Christianity that defended Europe from Islamic conquest, the Christianity of the Crusades and the Christianity of our forefathers.

BNP Foreign Affairs Spokesman Arthur Kemp:

Although fought under the guise of Christianity, the Crusades were in fact an overt race war. White armies set off from all over Europe to drive the non-Whites out of the Middle East.

In the period leading up to the fall of Constantinople, the second major overtly racial war between the White race and the Middle Eastern mixed races broke out, taking the form of a series of armies attacking the nations of Islam in a period running for nearly 200 years: from 1095 to the middle of the thirteenth century.  Originally the term Crusade was applied only to the White Christian efforts to capture the city of Jerusalem in Palestine from the Muslims, but very soon it came to refer to any military effort by the Whites against the darker races of the Middle East.

Griffin’s Easter message:

There is nothing in traditional Christianity about world government, abolishing the nations, enslaving the world to finance capitalism and big business, eradicating traditional unique cultures and national identities, the promotion of sexual perversion, the glorification of treason, letting criminals run rampant and political correctness.

Nick Griffin, Total Politics interview, March 2010:

We’re not anti-gay. I took over a party which had a total ban on homosexual members. We’ve got gay members now and people know who they are, but it’s “don’t ask, don’t tell”‘.

Griffin’s Easter message:

After the General Election, all BNP leaflets will carry a Christian Cross to demonstrate our commitment to maintaining and preserving our Christian heritage as a nation.

BNP Legal Director Lee Barnes:

Christianity is a semitic religion, it is creature of the deserts of the Middle East not the forests of the Northern Europe and its symbol the cross is an instrument of torture not of living redemption.

The icons of death are what the West once worshipped – Moses, Christ, saints, popes etc etc

Now all these icons of death must be replaced by a living, organic religion which allows our people to reconnect once more with nature, the earth and the divine unfolding of the spiritual within the material and within Man.

Griffin’s Easter message:

In the past too much emphasis has been placed on the ethnic aspect of our present national dilemma, whilst the longest running feature of our identity has been overlooked: the fact that our country has been held together and guided for millennia by our common, ancient religion: Christianity.

Evening Standard, March 26, 2010:

The BNP’s London campaign chief was today facing suspension as a councillor after launching a racist “tirade” against Nigerian church-goers.

Bob Bailey, 44, took an “antagonistic and offensive” tone when a black pastor applied for planning permission to convert Barking offices into a church.

A meeting in Barking town hall was in uproar when Mr Bailey said: “We don’t want any more Nigerian churches in the borough.” The public gallery was packed with members of the Redeemed Christian Church of God.

He said he had visited the premises and told the planning committee meeting last July: “These people eat off the ground.” He added: “We don’t want the amount of black children.”

BNP candidate ‘Rev’ Robert West:

But is there something wrong with the Multi-Racial Society at a deeper level – not just given the nature of man as inherently territorial and tribal – but by the Multi-Racial Society being, as it were, a transgression of God’s will for His creation as He has seen fit to make and rule it.

BNP candidate ‘Rev’ Robert West:

The mixing of races challenges the glory of God.

We’ve seen all this before:



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The FIEC speaks out against the BNP

From the FIEC:

The FIEC issued the folowing statement concerning the British National Party on 23 December 2009.

To all FIEC churches

We would wish you to be aware of a statement being made on a website in the public domain by the Rev Robert West, a parliamentary candidate representing the British National Party (BNP).

Mr West states the following: “I doubt very much that the Fellowship of Independent Evangelical Churches oppose my views or the views of any genuine Christian and patriot, backed-up as they are by the holy Scriptures”.

Mr West has not contacted the FIEC office to find out what the views of the FIEC might be about this issue, and the FIEC regrets that Mr West has seen fit to make public reference to the supposed views of the FIEC without getting in touch with the office.

In fact, the FIEC strongly believes that the churches that make up the Fellowship would repudiate any idea that the Scriptures support the published policies of the BNP. There are elements within the policies of all political parties which are contrary to the Scriptures. In the case of the BNP, it appears to us that its policies seek to create an attitude of racial hierarchy which values people of some ethnic origins more than others. The Scriptures do not support any such policies, and we greatly regret that Mr West has asserted that they do, and in so doing, that he has linked the name of The Fellowship of Independent Evangelical Churches with his own erroneous views. Mr West is not in any way accredited by or associated with the FIEC.

Richard Underwood
General Secretary
The Fellowship of Independent Evangelical Churches

Well, this is about time!


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BNP’s Newest Recruit

The Centre for Social Cohesion explains.

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BNP “Christian Council” uses God to justify racism

Read about this on There is Nothing British about the BNP.

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Stormfront discuss Norwich North

On Liberal Conspiracy, Cath Elliot draws attention to the neo-Nazi discussion board Stormfront, who want to deport her in response to her article on the BNP’s lies in Norwich North, where the BNP’s clergyman Robert West ran for election.

Eliot notes an interesting contribution on the Stormfront message board from a BNP supporter:

“Its time to drop the reverend. Having a fake vicar puts us down with the crank candidates and thats where our vote has ended up.

People aren`t stupid ( well actually they are on the whole) but they have seen through this fake Reverend gimmick.”

And it seems that BNP supporters aren’t the only ones not entirely convinced by Robert West’s Christianity.

Have a look at this discussion:

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Combating the BNP

Edmund Standing writes:

In 2000, BNP leader (and now MEP) Nick Griffin stood before an audience of American ‘white nationalists’ and proposed that while he had no intention of ‘selling out’ the BNP’s principles, he now wanted to ‘sell’ the party. So, he stated, the BNP would now use ‘salable’ words such as ‘freedom’ and ‘democracy’, and replace discourse about ‘racial purity’ with talk of ‘identity’. In recent years, particularly following the 7/7 terrorist atrocities, the BNP has sought to align itself with what is loosely termed the ‘anti-jihad movement’ and to shift its focus from attacking Jews and black people to opposing ‘Islamification’.

When it comes to Islam, the BNP hasn’t exactly had to work hard to whip up anti-Muslim bigotry and paranoia about ‘Islamification’. Looking at the scare stories on its website’s news section, a large number of them are drawn straight from mainstream media sources, and the party is being greatly assisted by the grossly disproportionate coverage given in newspapers to the outrageous statements and provocations of Anjem Choudary and his motley crew of social misfits who go under a variety of names but are essentially Al-Muhajiroun. In hysterical report after report (some of which I have documented here and here), a tiny minority of bin Ladenist fanatics and fantasists have been presented as a serious threat to our society.

The fact is, of course, that while Al-Muhajiroun is a dangerous group with many links to terrorism, it represents only the tiniest handful of Muslims in Britain, not that you would know that given the amount of time Choudary gets in the media. So, when the BNP claimed in its European election material that it would ‘ensure that British troops are not abused on the streets of our cities by Muslims’, it was in particular cynically appealing to the concerns of those who get the majority of their understanding of the world from reading simplistic and hyped up tabloid stories.

Read on.

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Congratulations to HOPE Not Hate NORFOLK…

…For running an excellent campaign in Norwich North. Thank you!

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More on Robert West’s campaign in Norwich North

Also posted on HOPE Not Hate NORFOLK

The constitution of Robert West’s Christian Council of Britain contains scandalous comparisons with the African slave trade. In Norwich North, where West is running for a seat, it now emerges that the BNP has apparently been lying about council housing, claiming that locals are losing out to African immigrants.

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“I really like the Welsh BNP logo. I bet Rev West did also.”

This post also features at HOPE Not Hate, Norfolk.

A hat tip to Edmund Standing, who has helped me with much the information for this post. Edmund Standing blogs at Pro-British Anti-Extremist, and has just written a report for the Centre for Social Cohesion entitled ‘The BNP and the Online Fascist Network.’

The BNP’s very own “reverend” Robert West recently addressed the Swansea branch of the BNP. This video is featured on the Green Arrow blog, run by BNP activist Paul Morris, who also promotes antisemitic material. Morris comments:

“I really like the Welsh BNP Logo. I bet the Reverend West did also.”

The BNP Wales use a celtic cross as a symbol; a symbol often used by neo-fascists.

You can see it here:

What is curious about the BNP is, although they are essentially a fascist party, they have attempted to use Christian identity politics and racial versions of Christian theology in an attempt to win Christian votes. For more on this phenomenon, you can read this compilation of anti-fascist articles about BNP Christianity.

Here is Rev West addressing the Wales BNP:

West cites Genesis 10 and Acts 17 as proof that ‘each race has its own space’. Genesis 10 is a rather self-defeating passage for Rev West, as it claims all ‘races’ are descended from Noah, and thus all have a common ancestry. D’oh! Acts 17 describes Paul and Silas visiting a multi-cultural Athens, Berea and Thessalonica and speaking with Jews, Greeks and foreigners.

Whilst West uses this to support his anti-immigration views, what is interesting to note here is that West he completely sidesteps the question of race (perhaps the elephant in the room for those who believe in Welsh/Celtic racial supremacy). Morris, meanwhile, waxes lyrical about the ‘Welsh Resistance’ Youtube channel:

Currently its library of videos is rather small but I am assured that it will soon be bursting at the seams as the site owners move old footage into its new home.

Can I ask that all patriotic Youtube activists subscribe to this channel and establish links with their people to ensure you maximise our viewing base in order to promote the cause of the British National Party.

As usual, can I request you to go here, rate and leave a comment for our Youtube activists.

Amongst the friends of Welsh Resistance, we find pembrokeshiresspark, who thinks ‘Nick Griffin is God and Simon Darby is Jesus.’ She informs us that she is a Christian, and tags the above video of Robert West as a Youtube favourite. Yet is this the kind of Christian whom West is proud to count as a supporter?

Rev West was recently challenged about his interpretation of Christianity, given that Jesus was Jewish:

At the end of the clip, you will notice he makes reference to the constitution of the Christian Council of Britain. There’s plenty to say about the constitution, but one point particularly grates:

Though the significant differences between the two ‘isms’ of Islam and ‘Political Correctness’ were recognised it was noted that both alike oppose: true Christianity, the rule of law, a genuine and conserving liberalism in a true democracy; and the proper concept of free Nations and of the open and liberal societies nurtured therein and thereby. It was particularly borne in mind that, in the two hundredth anniversary of the abolition of the Negro slave trade within the British Empire, a worse form of slavery (of the mind) should not be imposed upon the peoples who had withstood absolutism and totalitarianism in their history, both at home and abroad. The Christian Council of Great Britain and Northern Ireland therefore resolved not to regard our inalienable freedoms and rights as negotiable; but rather to be preserved, conserved and held-in-trust for our progeny, and for all peoples.

These words are shocking and disturbing for black Britons, and other Britons utterly appalled by the slave trade and ashamed of this aspect of British history. Yet they are also an insult to British Christians, of whom none other than William Wilberforce is one of the most famous:

Rev West surely owes the people of Britain an apology.


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