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More on UKIP’s alliances

Earlier this week I looked at Lega Nord’s relationship with SSPX Holocaust denier Floriano Abrahamowicz. Abrahamowicz is considered the ‘unofficial chaplain’ of Lega Nord.

In addition, Lega Nord leader Umberto Bossi has attended one of Abrahamowicz’s services, and has announced that there are many similarities between the SSPX and the separatists of Lega Nord.

Now, with some help, I have uploaded a translated video showing Lega Nord MEP Mario Borghezio advising French separatists on new tactics for neo-fascists to gain power.

To watch the video, go here, click ‘change’ and select English subtitles.

Junius has more on UKIP’s new friends in Europe here and here.

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Meet Lega Nord’s “unofficial chaplain”

This is now a guest post on Harry’s Place, where you can also read more on Lorant Hegedus Jr.

A couple of months ago, I took a look at the BNP’s connections with Italian Far Right party Forza Nuova, whose thugs have intimidated Italian Protestants. Forza Nuova’s priest Giulio Tam openly embraces fascism, and conducts memorial services for Spanish Falangists in 2007, and the Italian Far Right.

Now that news comes that UKIP is forming an alliance with Italian separatist party Lega Nord, bringing in other European hard-Right parties, it’s worth taking a similar look at UKIP’s ally in Italy. Whilst this alliance is probably a “marriage of convenience”, it is nevertheless worrying that UKIP are lending legitimacy to those involved in neo-fascist politics.

One of Lega Nord’s MEPs, Mario Borghezio, has a conviction for setting fire to the belongings of immigrants who were sleeping under a bridge. Borghezio’s links to neo-fascists in France have recently been exposed in a French video documentary.

According to the Huffington Post, SSPX priest Floriano Abrahamowicz is considered the ‘unofficial chaplain’ of Lega Nord.

Who is Floriano Abrahamowicz?

In late January 2009, British Catholic SSPX priest Richard Williamson made headlines due to comments in an interview on Swedish TV playing down the numbers of Holocaust victims (Williamson estimated the real count to be between 200,000-300,000) and denying that the Nazis employed gas chambers to kill Jews.

Some days later, in an interview with Italian newspaper Tribuna de Trevise, Abrahamowicz defended his fellow SSPX member, claiming that the gas chambers were only used by the Nazis for ‘disinfection’, and complaining about the importance given to the Holocaust. The SSPX promptly dismissmed Abrahamowicz, distancing themselves from Holocaust denial.

Earlier this month however, in an interview given to Stephen Heiner, Abrahamowicz suggested that Holocaust denial is far more widespread in the SSPX than most assume. Heiner claims:

My fellow-priests agreed with all that I said in my interview with the Tribuna de Trevise. But no one imagined the media effect it would produce. So it was the very fact of publicly attacking the Jews which made my confreres and superiors tremble and then shook their friendship.

In an extreme example of the Livingstone Formulation, Williamson’s Holocaust denial was merely ‘criticising Zionist policy’, which has become the ‘new Messiah’:

Touching the new Messiah, i.e. criticising Zionist policy, is the ultimate lèse-majesté. At present the Vatican is bowing down before the Zionist reign. So the Society, by entering into friendship with Ratzinger’s Vatican ought to sacrifice to the gods… In order to avoid saying that it is forbidden to touch the new Messiah, the affair has been classified as a “historical question”, falling outside the competence of a bishop.

If true, Abrahamowicz’s claim that he has support from other SSPX priests is of some concern. Equally concerning is that UKIP has entered into an alliance with a party that considers Florian Abrahamowicz as a moral authority.

UKIP have just run a campaign in Norwich North claiming to offer an alternative to the BNP. UKIP leader Nigel Farange has said of the BNP:

“There are no circumstances, no possible situations, in which we would even consider doing any type of deal with the BNP whatsoever […] I’m simply amazed that the BNP thought we would even consider such a thing, given that we are a non-racist, non-sectarian party.”

So, Mr. Farange, what makes Lega Nord any different?

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Fiore and Tam: No to Turkey and Israel joining the EU, Yes to Russia and Belarus

Lombardy Indymedia brings news of fascist priest Giulio Tam:

The final rally of the Forza Nuova campaign, held in the central Piazza San Carlo in Milan, took place without incident. Speaking from the stage were the national secretary of the Forza Nuova, Roberto Fiore and Don Giulio Tam. At the meeting there was a thick cordon of police and carabinieri (Italian gendarmes) to avoid any contact with an anti-fascist garrison that had been announced in the adjacent Piazza San Babila, but there was none. Secretary Fiore spoke of the need to stop the Islamic invasion in Europe, saying no to the entry of Turkey into the European Union and Israel, but yes to the entry of Russia and Belarus. The leader of the Forza Nuova has also advocated a return to an economy based on agriculture, on construction and manufacturing, and praised the end of speculative finance.

Here are two photos from the Forza Nuova website:



The above reads: “Expensive aims: We don’t want other wars. Forza Nuova.” and “NO to Turkey in Europe.”

Last month, Karl Pfeifer drew attention to a similar campaign in Austria by the Austrian Freedom Party (PFO):

Pfeifer draws our attention to the words of Austrian chancellor Wener Faymann:

“To name Israel is absolutely absurd. Israel is not at all a candidate to join. There is not even a procedure for joining. The only cause to name Israel is to satisfy antisemitic prejudices. That is a shame. […] I deplore this instigation sharply.”

So both Forza Nuova and FPO are advocating saying ‘no’ to Turkey and ‘no’ to Israel joining the EU, even though Israel has not applied for membership of the EU. I doubt this mistake is a coincidence, rather it seems, as Faymann noted, to be playing on racist prejudices.

I have blogged on the BNP’s links to Tam, Fiore and Forza Nuova here and here.

And the BNP still claims to be a friend of Israel?

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Neofascist priest Giulio Tam angers antifascists in Bologna

I first reported on Forza Nuova and their fascist priest Giulio Tam two weeks ago, highlighting their links with the BNP. Last month, Ulster Taig wrote that Tam is a candidate for the Bologna mayoral elections this June.

Now Assemble Anti-Fascista di Bologna reports [any translation errors are the responsibility of Seismic Shock]:

No-one legitimises the neofascists of Forza Nuova

Once again, the police in Bologna have allowed a public Forza Nuova speech, on May 28 at 6:30pm, in Piazza Galvani.

It is well-known that militants and leaders of Forza Nuova have distinguished themselves in Italy with violence, beatings, intimidation, attacks, acts of racism, anti-Semitism and sexism.

In Rimini, on September 25th 2007, the Rimini Forza Nuova group was stopped as it was about to make a squadrista (fascist) attack on the social centre Paz. “Violation of the Anti-Terror Law, kidnapping, possession of weapons and material praising the Third Reich …”: these are just some of the allegations involving eleven supporters and members of Forza Nuova di Rimini, including a provincial leader.

In Bologna, November 15 2008, some militants and a provincial leader of Forza Nuova attacked and savagely beat two students and a student returning from a graduation party in Piazza Santo Stefano, just because of their alternative style. One of the three was struck repeatedly in the face while on the ground, and suffered facial fractures and a pocket of blood behind the eye. He was operated upon in the emergency department of the maxillofacial surgery in Bellaria.

We do not need many more examples of the actions of the neo-fascist Forza Nuova, ready to speculate on any topic in order to spread fear and racial hatred.

However, it should be remembered that on December 1 2008, the municipal council of Bologna adopted a motion that calls on the Interior Minister “to outlaw the political movement Forza Nuova, for reconstruction of the Fascist party and for non-compliance with the rules of the Mancino law, as several leaders and activists of Forza Nuova have been involved more than once in incidents of racist and fascist violence (in Bologna, Rimini, Verona and other Italian cities).”

It should be noted that in other Italian cities public authorities have sought to ban demonstrations by neo-fascist parties. Thus, on 18th May 2009, the Venice City Council a motion that calls upon the chief of police not to authorise the Nazi event announced for May 30th by Fiamma Tricolore and Forza Nuova.

It should be remembered that even the Cardinal of Bologna Carlo Caffarra recently condemned racism and anti-Semitism of the mayor candidate of Forza Nuova, Don Giulio Tam, declaring him “incapable of understanding and wanting to understand.”

It should be remembered that on 28th February 2009, Don Giulio Tam performed the Nazi salute during a demonstration of Forza Nuova Bergamo, between rods, tricolour flags, and slogans like “Hang those who leave” and “Sieg Heil”. After that shameful parade, forty-one neo-fascists have been reported as, among other things, advocates for fascism.

Despite these and other relevant considerations, which cannot be held to be sectarian or extremist, the police of Bologna has always assured, in recent months, crowd space for citizen use by the neo-fascist party Forza Nuova.

While an order bans any self-organised demonstrations from using the historic city centre at weekends, whilst ordinary people are forbidden to even sit on the floor, while the use of truncheons against those who disagree is becoming more ‘normal’, the police of Bologna have, under the pretext of elections, authorised in recent months banquets of propaganda which are blatantly racist and xenophobic. There was no complaint for “incitement to racial hatred.”

The rally of Don Giulio Tam disturbs the civil conscience of this city, encourages squadrista deeds of racist and neo-fascists, restricts the personal freedom of many, and makes the area of Piazza Galvani dangerous.

It is unacceptable that this meeting should be authorised by the police of Bologna in opposition to the widespread feeling of this city: a city that rejects anti-Semitism, Islamophobia, homophobia, racism and sexism; a city that – from the Bologna massacre of August 2 1980 to the Uno Bianca gang – has paid a heavy price for the authoritarian policies of neo-fascists and their ilk in the state apparatus.

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Dieudonné’s mixed message to Christians

UPDATE: This article is also now cross-posted at the excellent Philosemitism and Philosemitisme. UPJF and Juif also cover the story.

Standpoint Magazine carries an article this month chronicling the severity of antisemitism in the banlieues of Paris and in wider French society, and the attempts of Jewish communities in France to confront this bigotry. The murder of Ilam Halimi, in what appears to be an antisemitic murder, highlights the severity of the situation.

Whilst French Jews, and wider French society, worry about the rise in antisemitism, antisemitic French comedian Dieudonné is claiming that France is controlled by Zionism and Zionist interests.

Dieudonné is leading an “anti-Zionist” list of candidates for the upcoming Euro elections in Ile-de-France, consisting of Far Right Front National members. The French government have tried, and failed, to ban Dieudonné’s party. Dieudonné is linked with Holocaust deniers and the French Far Right.

Dieudonné’s candidates include French sociologist Alain Soral and Yahia Gouasmi, who claims that “behind each divorce, there is a Zionist.”

Gouasmi is trying to win Christian votes:

“Christians are strangers in their own homes. They are the Palestinians of France. Christians, wake up!”

Indeed, Dieudonné is winning support across French society. Some Christians, it seems, are taking Gouasmi’s advice:

Francis, who described himself as a “Christian student”, joined Dieudonne out of a hatred for “multiculturalism” after deciding he “could no longer identify with the values of French society.”

So, does Dieudonné’s anti-Zionist party really care about Christians? Alain Soral, talking about the persecution of Christians in Algeria, claimed:

“…yesterday, Phillipe Val criticized the Catholic Church for not drawing attention what’s happening in Algeria to the so-called “Christians” who are persecuted. But what he didn’t say was that it’s not Catholics who are being persecuted in Algeria, but Christian evangelists who are agents of the CIA; neoconservative agents.”

In 2008, BBC News reported that four Algerian converts to Christianity were fined by the state for “worshipping illegally”, and BosLifeNews reported the imprisonment of Christians in Algeria and the closure of churches.

Clearly persecution of Christians in Algeria is widespread, yet Soral only sees persecution of ‘evangelists’, whom he equates with CIA agents. To complicate matters further, Soral bemoans the US involvement in Serbia and praises Serbian “patriots”:

Serbia, the first Christian country to have been bombed by a “Christian” coalitian in Europe, since 1945, has still not finished healing its wounds. In the grip of American occupation, Albanian mafia and Saudi money, the Serbian patriots nevertheless continue to resist. Fiercely…

Soral sees Serbian Christians as patriots heroically fighting crime and corruption, but sees Algerian Christians as neocons, evangelists, and CIA agents. Gouasmi sees French Christians as the ‘Palestinians of France.’

Dieudonné’s candidates at best present a mixed message about Christians (and consider what kind of message he sends out to Jews and Muslims). Then again, Dieudonné’s campaign isn’t really about any of this – it’s about freeing France from the grip of the Zionists.

Whilst the pro-Palestine movement in France has commendably rejected Dieudonné, it is nevertheless important not to ignore the threat which Dieudonné poses in the upcoming European elections, and to listen carefully to what he is saying and whom he is campaigning with.


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The fantasy rise of the BNP

Nick Cohen, always worth a read when it comes to British politics, comments on the Archbishop of Canterbury’s alarmist take on the fantasy rise of the BNP.

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Church enters the fray in European elections

EU Observer reports on the increasingly vocal role of state churches with regards to opposing fascist parties.

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