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Paper at Christ at the Checkpoint 2010: Jews behaving like they did in Mohammed’s day

What is the value of this statement?

Anti-Zionist author Colin Chapman speaking in 2010, at Christ at the Checkpoint:

The early biographies of the Prophet show that he had a very difficult relationship with the three large Jewish tribes in Medina. He probably hoped and expected that they would recognize him as a prophet in the line of the OT prophets and was no doubt disappointed when they refused to recognize him and actively plotted against him, even siding with the pagan Meccans. Some of the harshest verses in the Qur‟an are directed towards the Jewish people; for example: „You will find the most hostile people to the believers to be the Jews and the polytheists …‟ (3:64; cf 4:155; 5:64; 5:82-83). For centuries Jews and Christians lived relatively peacefully under Islamic rule throughout the Middle East and North Africa as dhimmis. But what seems to have happened is that the bad experience of Palestinian Muslims with Zionist immigrants after 1880 has reminded them of Muhammad‟s bad experience with the Jews of Medina, encouraging them to apply the harsh verses about Jews in the Qur‟an to Israeli Jews today. It must seem to Palestinian Muslims as if Jews of the modern period were simply repeating the hostile behaviour of Jews many centuries earlier towards the Prophet.


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